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  1. Two Irish gals are walking to their cars after work and are getting ready to meet up with their boyfriends. As they are walking, their bf's approach and one guy has a bouquet of flowers in his hands. One girl looks at the other and sighs and complains "Oh gosh, he's got flowers again!! You know what this means!" And the other girl says "Awww it's so sweet of him to get you flowers, but why are you so aggravated" "Well, it means that my legs are gonna be all up in the air again this weekend" So the other girl responds "why, don't you have a vase?" heehee
  2. Good question...maybe a real man could handle it.
  3. Kitty you look beautiful--just FYI.
  4. How many screws? A plate? Whud you break? I'm a poet and didn't even know it! Heal fast!!!!
  5. I've jumped at the Farm a few times but usually jumped @ SDA. I broke myself, so I haven't been out since Sept.
  6. Yah, it is freeeeezing! But, this weather is freakish and maybe, just maybe, we could get a 70 degree day?
  7. When are you planning to be out again?
  8. WHAT!!? YEAHHH. OOOKAAAY!!!! I am doing quite well, thank you!
  9. Ankle is doing great, Don!! But, not cleared yet 2 jump. Be back in March . How are you and Jean doin'?
  10. CONGRATULATIONS TO IAN AND ANNIE!! And that is a ring that every girl dreams of
  11. Danny--I remember when you came over for Thanksgiving dinner two years ago. You brought with you a bottle of wine and that big boisterous laugh and flashy smile. Anyway, as a normal Lino tradition (*cough* nuance), we always eat late, and you kept teasing Mama Lino and the Lino ladies about how late it was..yadda yadda yadda. Well, around 8 that night, FINALLY dinner was ready. Mama Lino puts the turkey on the table, and you did the honor of slicing that bird.... AND IT WAS RAW!!! HAHAHA. You never let us forget about that and gave Ma a TON of shit for it! We told that story at the table this year. I missed you lots.