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  1. Mike, Thank you very much for reaching out an offering assistance. As a result of this incident, we are now taking the appropriate steps in approaching the County and the Board of Directors in making the necessary adjustments to ensure that this matter will be resolved. The CSPA is an extremely professional organization and we will make sure that our local government officials are properly educated and we will do our due diligence to ensure that our International brothers and sisters will be recognized. Thank you again for reaching out to us and once this matter is resolved in a positive manner I will update our skydive community and also the USPA. Rick & Lisa Hornsby DZO
  2. Hi Francois, I was so sorry to hear of your group's experience with us this past weekend. There was some confusion I'd like to clear up, and a comment by one of our employees that was inexcusable--for that I would like to personally apologize. We are handling that situation appropriately. Regarding our requirement for USPA membership, you are absolutely correct that USPA recognizes CSPA membership and that at most U.S. dropzones, a current CSPA member would not need USPA membership to jump. Unfortunately, our municipal airport requires USPA membership for all self-supervising skydivers regardless of any foreign association memberships. I understand that your group has been able to jump with us without all being USPA members before, and that was an oversight on the part of our manifest staff. It is not a new requirement. We would love to have you all visit us again, and we'd also like to cover the cost of a temporary USPA membership for you in that event. Please reach out to me directly and we'll make it happen! Again, my deepest apologies and we hope to see you again soon. Lisa & Rick Hornsby: Owner
  3. I just recently ( 1 year ago) started wearing hearing aids in both ears. My hearing loss was a culmination of 25 years of law enforcement ( SWAT, firearms instructor) and 11,000 plus skydives over a span of 19 years. I am outfitted with NuEars which fit comfortably in my ear canals. I wear a helmet ( which you will be required to do as a student) and the results have been amazing. I am able to hear my tandem students while I am under canopy with them and it has in no way impaired my ability to skydive. I would suggest going to the DZ you plan to jump at and place a helmet on with your hearing aids in place have the instructor place a radio in the same place it would be on your jump, stand in front of a fan to simulate wind noise and have them speak to you. Please understand that a radio is just a back up device and shouldn't be relied upon, they do sometimes fail. You will be taught all of the necessary skills to land your parachute safely without the use of a radio.
  4. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend in South Florida! We have more pre registered jumpers this year than any other boogie in the past.....Don't miss this one! Free beer, live entertainment Saturday night....see ya'll here!!!!!
  5. Just a quick update...... Our gorgeous Bell 407 Helicopter will only be at the Boogie Friday and Saturday....slots are filling fast, so please don't delay! Save some time and pre-register! 1-800-533-6151
  6. We have been flying handicams for about 4 years now. If you are a tandem master and you routinely bounce drougues or bridles off of any part of your body or your students extremities here is some advice. Go get remedial training from an I/E. Throwing a drogue unstable is not recommended and if you routinely do this, then these are grounds to have your tandem rating pulled. If you are a good quality tandem instructor and doing what you were trained to do and operating the tandem system in the manner that it was designed to operate, then you too will have tremendous results while using a handicam in a safe and professional manner. If you are afraid to use one, PRACTICE with a glove only, with no cameras on first and foremost. Yes, it can be a distraction at first. Practice will make perfect. My instructors were not happy in the beginning with the idea, however they love it now! Their only problem is having all of that extra money in their pockets.....
  7. Fort Lauderdale is about an hour drive, Miami is about 1.5 hours away. West Palm ( PBIA) is about 1 hour away as well
  8. I own the drop zone in Aruba, www.skydivearuba.com. Although we don't teach AFF in Aruba we have successfully trained many from Aruba, Curaçao and Venezuela at our drop zone in Florida, www.skydivespaceland.com ( Florida). We are located about 90 miles north of Miami. We have a program that can get you your license (25 jumps) in as little as one week. A young man form Aruba, just completed his course in 6 days and racked up 28 jumps. We have one of the fastest airplanes in the skydiving industry ( 900hp Super Caravan), huge landing areas, indoor packing, gear store, etc. Check out our web site and if you have any further questions, send us an email. We look forward to assisting you in making your dream come true!
  9. CALLING ALL SKYDIVERS!!!! Do you need a winter jumping break in sunny, warm South Florida? You know you do, so come on out for an epic free falling time at Skydive Spaceland Florida in January. WHO: You! WHAT: The Everglades Boogie WHEN: January 24-26 WHERE: Skydive Spaceland Florida, 1090 Airglades Blvd., Clewiston Florida, 33440 WHY: Because we have the best boogie and fastest fun Airplanes in South Florida! *Super Caravan *Super Skyvan *Bell 407 Helicopter * Free load organizers * Live entertainment Saturday night * Lots of Shenanigans * Free Beer How can you go wrong?! HOW MUCH: $25.00 registration fee, includes a free Boogie T-Shirt. Jumps are $25.00 to full altitude ( not including gear rental) out of the Skyvan and Caravan, and $75.00 out of the helicopter. Register and buy your jumps on line to save time on check in. We are located on the beautiful wide open Airglades Airport, with scenic views of Lake Okeechobee. We hope you will join us for Florida's Skydiving festival of the year!
  10. We are Skydive Spaceland Clewiston, www.skydivespaceland.com We have the fastest most comfortable jumpship in South Florida, 900hp Super Caravan. Huge landing areas, food on site, gear store and rigging services.....new jumpers are always welcome and greeted with a smile!
  11. Thanks for the heads up and good for you for posting this. It's not just him you are saving but others as well...he is flagged in our system t Skydive Spaceland Clewiston. Wish we had more like you......
  12. Come on out folks! This plane is here to stay! Fastest, most comfortable ride to altitude that you have ever experienced. If you want to be a part of something new and exciting, come on out to Clewiston and see our " New" smiling faces as we ascend to 14,000 ft in our " rocket powered" jumpship! Great things are happening at Skydive Spaceland Clewiston!
  13. If you haven't.....you will.....treat every passenger like "the one" and hopefully you will prolong it enough until you have enough experience to deal with it...until that day...have fun..Tandem is not just another skydive...
  14. We certainly hate to hear this about new jumpers being treated in this manner, it certainly does not do our sport any good. I have had jumpers show up at our DZ who are students and i have heard so many stories from them when they are asked to show us their proficieny cards. ranging from " I have never seen one, to just like you stated, my instructor toldem he was going to fill that out when i completed the program. Unforunantly, the latter statemant we see too often as this seems to be a ploy y the DZ to keep students from going to other DZ's to complete their training, holding their card "hostage". Seek out and find a reputable DZ. if you are treated fairly then you will happily stay there. We welcome you aboard as a skydiver!