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  1. Reiner1

    Fatality in France, Saturday 30 june

    Sorry for your loss!- i know you two were great friends, and it really was a pleasure to meet that 'crazy french guy'. reiner
  2. Reiner1

    Art Project

    Nice one Patrick!........ Ill have to come down again to check it out when its up. Good luck! Reiner.
  3. Reiner1

    Kjerag BASE Graphic

    Nice design buddy!- always looking forward to your drawings. Keep it up!
  4. Reiner1

    My favorite BASE picture

    Nice pic mate!-brings back nice memories..........hmmmm, think I'm due back that way soon. take care, have fun! reiner.
  5. Reiner1

    Johannesburg Locals

    ........................Awww, Y'know That I'll always love the Mother city!-just going to Jo' burg for my little sisters wedding. Missed out on a jump there last time. Thanks for helping me out earlier this year.....I'll look forward to doing it again sometime! Are ya still interested in organising a trip to M?- Ive got a couple of friends who wanna come along......maybe we could do a road trip round S.A. - I can organise a Mercedes sprinter coach....nice and comfy!..??????????PM Me.
  6. Reiner1

    Johannesburg Locals

    Hi, I'll be back in S.A in November and I'm just wandering if there will be any Jo'burg locals around Jo'burg, between the 16th-23rd. wanna jump?? let me know Reiner...... Ireland.
  7. Reiner1

    Fatality in Norway

    R.I.P Reiner.
  8. Reiner1

    Dragon Canopy

    I jumped a Dragon 218 once- ZP topskin. i wasnt very experienced. took it too low. tight landing area. scary ride. broke my ankle real good. reiner.
  9. Reiner1

    when are you gonna quit?

    I agree!!
  10. Reiner1

    Fatality in the Swiss Valley. 15.04.06

    Hey there buddy!-My thoughts go out to those close to him. He was an awsome guy!...very enthusiastic!.....Putainne!!!
  11. Reiner1

    South Africa 17th march- 07th april

    No worries mate!- i appreciate it. take it easy reiner.
  12. Reiner1

    South Africa 17th march- 07th april

    Hey bro'-Yeah, im turning into a slut!- gonna go down there to work on my cartoon exitThanks a million by the way!-any luck with the uk crew? anything organised. Pls PM me your postal address. reiner
  13. Reiner1

    South Africa 17th march- 07th april

    .....Gee thanks guys!- na really- i appreciate all the help everyone gave me. i had an awsome time. gotta do it again soon- i also learnt a new word.....................Putainne!!!! - (not sure if thats spelled right Stefan)
  14. Reiner1

    South Africa 17th march- 07th april

    Hi!- Does anyone know of any South African Base jumpers living in either Jo'burg or Capetown?-(or anywhere actually.... ill be driving around). ill be over there for three weeks in mid march till early april and would love to hook up with other jumpers. Cheers! reiner
  15. Reiner1

    London Feb 25th-March 05th

    Hi Everybody-this guy's for real!- He showed me a real good time in switzerland over the last couple weeks!- Thanks for all your help amigo! good luck!