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  1. colinl

    fake posters

    I don't think it's about the numbers, rather about the attitude. I feel more inclined to take seriously argumented opinions made by posters with a bogus licence number, but who seem to have an habit of posting interesting messages since a while, who are eager to take a step and consider others' points of views without dismissing them as crap as soon as they disagree, ... than people who are sure they're right in any occasion and have a very thin margin of tolerance. (I promise, I really don't have a licence #)
  2. colinl

    You need...

    Colin needs a bath. Duh
  3. Here's a new whuffo question you may not have heard: When freeflying head down, do you feel a blood rush to your brain the same way you feel it when upside down on the ground, against a wall? Or is it different, because you go down the same way the blood does? (I'm actually interested in the answer )
  4. Hey, it's done! Clo jumped this afternoon and she loved it :) (the avi is 65 megas) I feel that we're going to go back and learn to skydive by ourselves!
  5. Yeah, cats... A while after we got ours (rescued her from the street, looked abandoned -- and was), we started to discover how many details you have to pay attention to, or the cat would ruin something. Once we left a nice piece of meat in the kitchen's counter, waiting for the oven to heat up we left the room. We get back here, and the cat had taken the meat down to the floor and was proceeding to eat it. So we begin to yell at her, so that she can be sure she was doing something forbidden... Guess what, instead of running away and let us forget her, she just laid down on the piece of meat, you know just in case we hadn't seen it... We learnt the lesson and always close the door now when cooking meat... And last week we were preparing salad, went away to buy something. We didn't bother to close the door, do cats like salad ? Nooo... Or so you think! She did exactly the same thing and completely destroyed it in about five minutes.
  6. Did I scare anyone with my title ? Here are three pics of my jumper monkey. In the third one you can see the "sliders", which were down for this low jump.
  7. So, there's a monkey I know of... Not that it's mine or anything, mind you... Anyway, that monkey tried parachuting about fifteen years ago. At this time the technology wasn't anything near perfect, and Monkey gave up after trying to jump with plastic groceries bags. Now Singi-Singea (it's his name. He's from France.) wanted to try again, this time with professional gear, that is to mean : a home-sewn round parachute ! After the long engineering phase came time to test the brand new canopy. The first tests were quite disappointing. Streaming malfunctions, tensions knots, line entanglements... Thankfully he managed to track beautifully and land on soft pillows each time - which is the only reason he's still there to share the joice of his first successful experience! Finally it was decided that static line jumps would be more easy at first. The static line anchor has been provided by my girlfriend Clo, always willing to help - as long as noone's looking. And little monkey made his first jump, and it has even been filmed. This is not perfect yet. Monkey insisted on getting a high-performance canopy (round... yes...) about 1.5 square feet; and as monkeys can't flare, he's getting hard landings. Well.His choice!
  8. Why exactly ? I had the understanding that starting with static line was a good way to learn to handle the canopy first, then learn to handle the freefall, instead of doing both at once like with AFF. Which some people could prefer (Personally I'm thinking of it). Or I am mistaken and is RAPS not the british word for SL and something else ?
  9. You can search on or Didn't see any really interesting one, mostly guys like me writing about their first tandem
  10. Hi there, In case I'm not the only one to love rollerblading here... (and I'm sure I'm not! ), here's a short video of a crazy guy who's probably born with wheels under his feet. Bonus question, do you consider rollerblading more or less dangerous than skydiving? I'm not sure about it; I suppose the injury rate is much higher for rollerblading, while the fatality rate is probably lower, but I have no numbers to back that up.
  11. That's better than the contrary Plus, it makes for a real nice,long canopy ride ! (although I hope she was last on the load?)