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  1. Hey, folks. I'm visiting Eloy this weekend. How many other novices will be there? I'm going to be interested in doing just some skill-building stuff...maybe some 2- or 3-way drills or pathetically easy RW. And I'll be visiting the tunnel, of course...can't miss that. Is it only world champion world cup hot shots and students there, or will there be licensed noobs like me? (searched forums--came up empty on this one) "DOOR!!!"
  2. "Kneel here for me while I stuff it in." "DOOR!!!"
  3. I voted "like it a lot" - looks lovely.
  4. If you've been listening to sports broadcasts on the radio in the US (don't know if they've been airing these in other countries), then you've probably heard this ad campaign by Bud Light, which has been going on for over five years now. And damn, are they still hilarious. :D For awhile they were airing on TV, and they featured the lead singer from Survivor. I know the "Mr. Way-too-much Cologine Wearer" one was made into a TV version, but I don't know which others (if any) were. Kudos to Bud Light for giving me a spleen-busting laugh while I'm listening to my Blackhawks games. :) "DOOR!!!"
  5. "This was me, before I started using Proactive Solutions..." "DOOR!!!"
  6. Dang. That's a good point. Come to think of it, I always breathe a little easier when the plane gets past about 1500 feet. I wish I could edit the poll choices. "DOOR!!!"
  7. When answering, assume we're talking about a skydive that turns out to be free of malfunction, incident, or injury. 'Cause if something goes wrong, then that part of the skydive will naturally be the scariest! Different things have scared me more at different times in my newly-blossoming skydiving career...right now it's that 5 seconds of canopy inflation. Once it's open, it's all good again. "DOOR!!!"
  8. mattyblast


    Ever notice how it's actually pleasant to smell your own farts? If I'm in the middle of my afternoon commute, and I rip one of those big, damn-near toxic farts that smells like rotten eggs mixed with dried-up citrus fruit, then I'll think to myself, "Cool!" and enjoy it. However, if somebody else were to do the same thing, I'd cringe. Is there an explanation for this phenomenon? "DOOR!!!"
  9. So... is there, or will there ever be, a perfect stent? "DOOR!!!"
  10. How many folks do you think will be jumping there on Saturday? "DOOR!!!"
  11. This is a long shot, I know, but it couldn't hurt. Is anyone from El Paso going over to Skydive El Paso (located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, for those who may be wondering) on Saturday (12/16)? Or if they're not from El Paso, will they be passing through El Paso on the way there?. I'm currently staying at a hotel next to the El Paso airport, and am planning on going over to Santa Teresa on Saturday morning. Cab fare will be quite expensive, so I thought I'd see if anyone here could pick me up. I'll give you gas money, beer, and the gas that results from drinking beer. "DOOR!!!"
  12. 1. Work on backward & forward movement. 2. More tunnel time. 3. Learn to do sit-fly maneuvers instead of just holding the sit-fly position. 4. Do more simple (really simple) RW jumps. 5. Organize a special event for first-timers at my DZ so I can bring in lots of tandems & AFF-Level 1'ers. 6. Participate in more social events with the folks at my DZ. 7. Get my whuffo girlfriend to finally do a tandem. 8. Do a couple of nekkid jumps--the first one being at jump 100, of course. 9. Practice steering & landing with just the risers (& other such canopy proficiency exercises). 10. B license. 11. First night jump (file that one under "maybe"). 12. Attend and participate in my first out-of-state boogie. 13. Get the Jump Track software and have fun playing with it. 14. Cause no injuries or death--to myself or anyone else. "DOOR!!!"
  13. I'm interested in hearing about people's experiences with poor customer service (as it relates to skydiving only, please). How did you handle it...did you lay the smack down or just be a pacifist? How was the issue resolved? How would you have handled it if you could approach the issue again? "DOOR!!!"
  14. When I did my first gear check of the day, I unsnapped & resnapped the rsl shackle. Most likely I didn't snap it back on tightly enough or something. Although I can't say for certain, I'm with Sundevil that that's where the problem was. And everything in my gut tells me the problem was human (meaning me). And I'm 99% positive that the skyhook didn't work because I had to fumble a bit before finding the reserve handle...and the reserve didn't deploy until I gave it a good yank. As far as the toggle problem on the reserve chute, eh, stuff happens. Don't let my experience shake you up--you have a great system. This whole experience was my fault. "DOOR!!!"