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  1. As an Instructor in the Orlando tunnel I tell people everyday "Don't overthink anything. It's like teaching someone to swim before ever putting them in the water. It's all just theory until you get in the wind and put it into practice, at which point you'll have a hundred more questions than before you started." Get a good coach and trust their experience.
  2. I am just comparing what an hour block in Orlando's indoor tunnel is. It's $475.00... I think you should double check your sources for Orlando's prices
  3. And with that post I've realized I've gone off topic. To those looking to learn to fly HD off the net the only real answer to that question is the same as the answer to the question "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" If anyone can argue the answer to that, PM me.
  4. I'm willing to learn from those better than me and don't consider myself a proflyer by any means but really...really? I have a long long long way to go before considering myself any good but if that's not head down, what is? This is an actual question to those in the know, at what point does a steep track become HD? If it's not VFS or pure static, what's the definition of HD?
  5. For Ironmanjay: I'm the first guy you see with the beard. Quite a cold day which helps but I can do the same at 135mph.
  6. I weigh about 220lbs and work in the Orlando tunnel. If you know much about the Orlando tunnel, that's too heavy to ever lift off the net or hold static HD with the speeds we pull, but I'm a HD flyer. I just have to be moving all the time whether it's stalling or carving. Have you tried learning transitions? Learning back layouts and eventually learning to slow them down enough with your arms until it stops completely in HD is one approach that will teach you more than just HD flying. If you know what a stable HD position feels like on the net, eventually you'll be able to dial in that transition to a standstill. Creative ways to learn can help develop multiple skills at the same time. It can be frustrating but keep at it. It'll come eventually.
  7. QuoteWell, I'll be coming from Stephens city which is located between, Winchester, Bum fuck Eqyypt and middle of fucking nowhere. QuoteThat's funny...I grew up in Stephens City, VA...If that description sounds strange, consider the fact that my high school smelled like ass when the wind blew the wrong direction. The hog farm a couple miles away made even the most interior rooms in the building with no windows smell like SH*T. Ahhhh...Good times