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  1. Repost.. see the thread titled: The Great Leap, Michel Fournier attempts jump from 130,000ft on Sunday
  2. yamtx73

    when and where?

    Bottom of the page does say where, but no idea who... it's definitely old though... National Geographic for $8/year..
  3. yamtx73


    Simple answer: Ask the instructors where you jump... they know how you fly and what would be best. No, it's not the 'standard response'.. people here don't know you, haven't seen you flying a canopy. At best you would get a suggested wing loading. Your instructors and dzo know you and know your abilities..
  4. yamtx73

    Pacific Skydiving Center

    From the dz review from one of their instructors to the professionalism of their packers this is one drop zone you should definitely check out. The KingAir is fast to altitude with the climb out going over the Pacific (lots to see from the windows). Spotting is dead on, the view from altitude and under canopy is unbeatable. The packers are quick and efficient, the entire staff treats you like you're one of their own. I was only able to make one jump there yet was treated as if I'd been jumping there from the beginning. Definitely one of the friendliest drop zones I've visted, just remember to bring your beer!!
  5. yamtx73

    Anyone jump at Clewiston, FL?

    Weekdays are iffy at best.... if there are tandems during the week they'll go up, otherwise they're normally closed. Weekends are when you'll find the fun jumpers....
  6. yamtx73

    Student wind restriction

    SIM part 2-1, section F will tell you exactly what you need to know...
  7. yamtx73


    One would think the low price of a Wings system would indicate an inferior product but this is not the case. The fit is perfect and for those of us who are thin the cut in laterals make the rig hug your body. The quilted backpad and articulated harness are extremely comfortable. I've gone over my container with a fine tooth comb and found absolutely nothing wrong with it. Customer service is top notch, even during their busy season Ankie takes the time to answer even the smallest of requests, and does so very promptly! Would I recommend a Wings container to someone who was looking for a new one? Hell yes, and when I'm ready for another container there's no question... It'll be a Wings.
  8. yamtx73

    CRW at Skydive Adventures in Clewiston FL

    Figured I'd give it a little bump...
  9. yamtx73

    CRW - How Hard Could It Be ???

    http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2448080#2448080 Makes it a little easier to find...
  10. yamtx73

    Jumping in Israel

    Two of the instructors where I jump are from Isreal.. I'll ask them about the dz and get some recommendations for you...
  11. yamtx73

    Puerto Rico Boogie 2007

    Very young CReW pup here... I'd love to get in a couple CReW jumps if anyone would happen to have a canopy I'd be able to beg/borrow or rent for the day...
  12. yamtx73

    ok just got my new jumpsuit

    Very nice... now you gotta tell Jeff about it...
  13. yamtx73

    Seating strategies for Caravan?

    We load 2 rows sitting on the floor with the first 2 leaning against the bulkhead behind the pilot, next 2 between their legs, and so on back to the door. With 2 small people sitting in the tail it's possible to fit 16 but normally limit the load to 14.
  14. yamtx73

    Wings Colors, need opinions

    Not bad.. I went with brighter colors on mine, without the tie dye...