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  1. QuoteEloy... Skyvans (I think they have 4 of them now)... CHECK Ballon jumps... CHECK DC3... CHECK (tho it usually only flies at boogies) As a bonus Tunnel Beech 18 (I know, some people actually like to jump from that thing! ) A few Twin Otters Porter ......................................................................... Cheers for this,I do fancy Eloy or maybe Elsinore with a few visits to Perris to jump the jet or maybe ...................
  2. Hey all Appreciate the advice. Cheers and Blues
  3. Ok so I aint no aeroplane buff so I'm gonna ask,what's a Casa,never heard of one, tail gate ? While we are on the subject of aircraft,are there any DC3's still being jumped in the States ?
  4. Looking to cross the water and visit the USA in October for 3 weeks of jumping. First time in the states for both me and my Bro,anyone wanna recommend a DZ ? Balloon jumps & a skyvan would be a bonus. Cheers !
  5. Already done it. Naked 2 way on my 40th in Spain. Wicked Buzz
  6. Hey, just cracked my hundredth. Nothing fancy having turned up at a new DZ on jump 99 after a 3 month lay off but hey, I'm happy.
  7. The terminology 'Brake Fire' doesn't immediately suggest an unstowed brake toggle to a novice. Unstowed toggle says what it is. I've had one 'brake fire' on my Sabre 2 190.This was caused by my slider fouling both my toggles after I collapsed it ( second jump on canopy,first time I'd collapsed the slider ) and in doing so releasing one brake.I always pull at 4k so I had lots of altitude .I was doing a slow right turn with one flapping toggle and the other obscured by the collapsed slider.I realised that the turn was being caused by having one toggle released so my decision process was to free the toggle obscured by the slider by my decision altitude of 2K or chop.I managed to pull the slider down right past the brakes and was able to release the other toggle.Once both toggles were in my hands I had level flight, I also managed to get the slider behind my neck,end of drama.
  8. 1987, age 22 , did two static line jumps on rounds After an 18 year lay off I did my AFF in 2005 at the tender age of 39 & 9 months. worth the wait
  9. Some sunny day I want to dock on my brother as he experiences the thrill of a Tandem Skydive. He has some minor disabilities and I know that he will never be able to take up skydiving as I have ,so that fact that he can experience what I do by doing a Tandem.............well it gets my vote. I seen videos where skydivers have docked onto a Tandem Student.Anyone out there know what the criteria is to be able to do that ? *********************************** Fly Like Zie Eagle, Not Like Zie Chicken ! Good advice from an instructor I know.
  10. Done most of my jumps out of the Porter at Lillo so I'll always have a soft spot for Wolfy Recently started jumping a Caravan. Out of the two I deffo prefer the Porter. Reasons. The seating arrangement.Being kind of semi circular leads to a better atmosphere on the way up.( apart from the back right rear corner because the jumper in front squashes you big time ) If your lucks in you get to sit in the reversed Co Pilots seat and you get to see everyone go down the Hill which for me is and always will be an awesome sight. It's got a bigger door than the Caravan and the step is a nice touch. I love the sound of the engine,especially on throttle back when she kind of growls. Finally,she's a fast bird just a great looking aircraft. *********************************** Fly Like Zie Eagle, Not Like Zie Chicken ! Good advice from an instructor I know.
  11. Hi Ya Pete. It's Paul who bought your Rig.