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  1. BBC World News interview
  2. Looking for a LONG & quite BIG Freeflying Suit. Any suits available? (on stock or used) Please contact me. Marc,
  3. TEDx Skydiving Talk "The power of naming your dreams." I hope you'll like it. Especially the scenes in freefall. Blue sky Marc
  4. Thank you very much, ifell It looks fine to be on top:
  5. Thank you Maksimsf I have no informations about previous records under the same conditions, sorry.
  6. Thank you very much, drunk! May I use this graphs for my website, please? Blue sky Marc
  7. Dear CSpenceFLY You are right, it should be a regular watch. It just has a patented suspension, an automatic movement and a leather strap that looks like the stitches of my rig. And there's this little engraving about the record on the back of the clock. (attached) Cheers and blue sky Marc
  8. thank you virgin-burner I'll answer you in English, because not everyone understands our lovely native Swiss German. I think the small swiss brand Formex is not a real issue for the swatch company. ;_) But anyway: thanks for your nice answer. And blue sky Marc
  9. Thank you very much John, for your questions. You are absolutely right, my exit weight was pretty high. And I had no extra weights with me. Not even a chewing gum. 022 lbs: rig(Vector3/Skyh./Storm190/Optimum193/ Cypres2 007 lbs: suit/ helmet/ shoes/ 2alti/ 2FlySights 240 lbs: my weight; a beer & pasta diets result for 24weeks ---- 269 lbs total weight I'm really impressed how close you came with your calculations. And thanks a lot for all your efforts and achievements in our sport. Blues sky Marc
  10. Oh, I see, dragon2; then I'm sorry. This will be the right place to post it. Excuse me again, please. Marc
  11. Dear warjunky It's quiet hard to find some good sponsors in these times. So I was very lucky to find some. And as long as you don't have Red Bull at your side, you still have to watch out for some additional income by promoting your sponsors efforts. That's part of the deal with sponsors today, I think. Best wishes and blue sky Marc
  12. Dear riggerrob It's just an advertisement based on my freefall record: My sponsor tried to create a watch that fits into the skydiving world. It's NOT an altimeter and it's not a watch for skydivers in frefall. But sometimes we have to stay on the ground and maybe we need a watch there too. Not to check the ground coming closer, but to check the dates coming closer. I thought it could be a nice idea for skydivers christmas.
  13. Dear Skydivers watch this watch: Formex designed a watch for skydivers: As I set my world record in Speed Tracking, the Swiss Watch company FORMEX created as my sponsor a Limited Edition of 304 watches. (because the record is 304 km/h, 188.9 mph) The benefit of this sales promotion I'll spend on another skydiving project in 2013. Just get in contact with me if you have any questions - or to order directly. And of course, I'll give you a nice skydivers discount! Thanks and blue sky Marc
  14. Thank you very much, aeroflyer! The glide ratio could be even higher. At the end of the jump, I was playing around and I tried to reduce the fall rate with a kind of "body flare" flying upwards into the sky. There my fallrate was pretty small and it felt like landing myself as a plane. Still need some training to land this in Gary Connery-Style...;-)