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  1. How about sending my my altimeter now, thief.
  2. Bill Murray on Letterman Talking about his jump.
  3. I'm trying to buy a gift a certificate online for a friend, (tandem Bday present) but the DZ site only has paypal, which I cannot use from overseas. Is there somewhere to buy a gift certificate other then the DZ that can still be redeemed at the DZ?
  4. I thought it was a link to just the article. This is nothing like the original! Big deal. The one in IMAX Adrenaline Rush is built to Da Vinci's specs. This is crap.
  5. Grips

    LOST anyone?

    I was disappointed with that episode too. I'm pretty disappointed with the whole of season 4. I don't think it's been that great. It doesn't live up to the previous seasons. I find myself getting bored watching them, which never happened previously.
  6. Amazing pix. Some of them look like toys.
  7. I just want to send some good energy over his way. I hope that all will be well.
  8. Um, I used photoshop to take the instructors OUT :D
  9. What program did you use to edit the instructors into the video?
  10. Should of had the Chicken attached to his hand at the same time. That would have been a sight.