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  1. For those that are interested Flip made another stop on his Blue Skies Black Death World Tour. This time in the Maldives. Thanks to Sam King for doing the video edit, Ray Ferrell for traveling with Flip and including the Oreos. You were and are still truly loved and respected Flipper! Mark
  2. You can find them at this Facebook post
  3. Hey Folks, The past weekend we had the opportunity to release Flips's ashes- one more skydive for him. Skydive Tecumseh was a wonderful host, the weather cooperated, and we had friends of his from all over the country paying respects. Flip flew well as the crowd of friends and family watched from the ground. His ashes formed a column that morphed into a cloud than he floated across the sky, visible for all to see until the final jumper touched down. Organizing credit goes to Ray Ferrell, and the attached videos were shot by Steve Kenet and Alan Merhar Blue Skies my Friend, Blue Skies Mark Flip's ash dive - Steve's Flip's_ash_dive_-_Alan's_view_(1).mov
  4. Hey Folks. If you are interested there is a Celebration of Life Event being help at the Chelsea Rod and Gun Club on Oct 12 2019 @ 5:30 PM. Here is a link to the Facebook event If the link doesn't work cut and paste. Please check it out and if you can attend click on "Going" so that Rebecca has a head count. We are also hosting a Boogie in his Honor at Skydive Tecumseh on the Napoleon airport starting @ 9:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be a Twin Otter on site to support this and all are welcome to come jump. Here is the FB link for that Again, If the link doesn't work cut and paste. If you can attend, click on "Going" so the organizers have some idea of head count. Mark PharrSide/FlipSide
  5. Blue Skies Bob! You were always a class act with innovative ideas and the drive to make them come to life. We are all better for having the opportunity to spend time with you. Mark
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    Skydive Temple

    Skydive Temple is a fantastic place for any jumper! The first time jumpers is welcomed and given every opportunity to have a safe, fun filled, first adventure. Mid level jumpers are encouraged, coached, instructed and cared for because the are the future of the sport. Even us old time skydivers can have a fantastic time. It may not be the biggest drop zone in Texas but it is certainly the friendliest!