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  1. 3 of us from Davenport will be there the last 4 days.
  2. Not as loud.......Come with me to Fla in Dec and find out.
  3. What were you doing stalking your ex wife?
  4. Been jonesing too. Hope these help, + one for any swoopers. Blue skies, James
  5. Thanks Ed for organizing, and thank you all for the chance to fly with so many awesome flyers. Blue skies, James
  6. Congrats and I second Billy. Come on over here and flock with us at Davenport. Blue skies, James
  7. I'm thinking of making the drive over from Spokane to enjoy your awesome views from altitude but was wondering how many Flockers do you think will be there. Blue skies, James
  8. I'll plan on being there and hopefully I can talk a couple other birds from Spokane to join me. Blue skies, james
  9. Is the AOB Boogie the "All The Above" boogie in Skydive Oregon? Would love to make it this year. Hopefully we can get a lot of Wingsuits at Lost Prairie this year. Blue skies, James
  10. The weather broke up here in the NW and I finally got in the air with my new S3S. This suit rocks. The battens in the wings seem to really help with the stability. It flies as smooth as my GTI even when I let go of the gripppers. I only got in 2 jumps before the weather turned to crap, but I can't wait till next Sat. I only have 1 jump on an S3 so I could be full of crap, but it seemed like it took a lot more effort to fly smooth and stable. When I let go of the grippers near the end of the flight it got alittle squirrly. The S3S seems like a huge improvement. Thanks to Ed Palowski for helping me decide on which suit to move up to. NO REGRETS. Blue skies, James
  11. Jespresso


    Congrats to both of you. Hope to see the two of you at the DZ next Sat.
  12. Recently bought the box set of DVD's and I'm hooked. Just signed up on the websight. Would love to see season 2.
  13. WINTER-Richland, Wa When the weather breaks usually 2-3 GTI's SUMMER-Davenport, Wa Usually have 3-4 suits flying every weekend. Total numbers including Richland are 9 suits (Classics, GTI, S3, and BJ's custom one) and about 15 qualified flyers. Blue skies, James
  14. I'll be there BJ. Can't wait. Just let me know when you're ready. James