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  1. I just got my AFF rating last weekend at Lake Wales under Kip Lohmiller! Im so excited!!! Live fast or die tryin'
  2. That was cool, easy!!!! Live fast or die tryin'
  3. nekked jumps rock!!!! Live fast or die tryin'
  4. that was really disgusting Live fast or die tryin'
  5. I cant imagine the atmosphere would be the same without it? Its part of who we are. CRAZY and uninhibited people
  6. ouch! Live fast or die tryin'
  7. man this list just keeps growin and growin! Hate to keep runnin' this in the ground but, god I hope there is adequate lift power?!?! Does anyone know if there will be more than the usual otters there? Ive reserved our RV slot
  8. Quote>how about a luxury skydiving cruise line?! They sorta do all that in San Carlos. Quote I think I will add it to my places to visit
  9. how about a luxury skydiving cruise line?! Where there is a huge DZ right there on the deck, and helicopters or better yet a king air or an otter to have loads runnin all day. And when you get hungry you can just stroll down to the gourmet food buffets( which are availabe at all hours of the day or night). Want to go swimming? Sure and while your doing it you can watch the swoop comp while sitting at the bar located inside the pool! What about night life?! how about the top 5 DJs in the world there to spin all night long while you and your friends party the night away, only to get up and do it all again the next day! Thats my wish....... Live fast or die tryin'
  10. yeah I remember her, or the costume anyway, definitely sexy
  11. QuoteThis is my first post ever!!! Quote You know what that means right Mandy... I think you should owe some beer for that!! your 1st post.. Sure I'll buy some beer, why not? Quote Hey is that a pic of Dave's canopy??? Dont have his pic put one of you one there!!! No thats not daves canopy, I found the photo, thought it was cool, however it does look just like his
  12. Yes thats me! How embarrising, no just kidding, I thought it was cute
  13. QuoteCSpenceFLY & The RoamingDZ plus a few quarts of Peach Mountain Dew Mrs Popsjumper Psycho Bob & Psycho Patty (My wife) RkyMtnHigh stl135... Wonderhog... Thanatos340 Skymama jumpchikk Goofyjumper Skinnyshrek Flytex revillusion Skychick312 & Avalonwings Lauralicious Skyjenb Skydivermandy and Dave See ya'll there!! Live fast or die tryin'
  14. This is my first post ever!!! so...hope Im doin it right:) Dave and I will be at zhills also for the new years boogie, third year in a row, and every year it gets bigger and better! Its gonna be a blast!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Live fast or die tryin'