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  1. So, I ended up doing the tunnel time in Vegas. I must say it was a great experience and I had lots of fun. The staff was great and Kate was a great coach and took care of me the whole time I was at Flyaway. I would recommend it to any new jumpers that are considering tunnel time. Thanks JT for hooking me up. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  2. I just did some flights in a tunnel for the first time this past Monday. I did five, three minute coached flights with video. I feel it benifited me tremendously. When I jump this weekend I have a feeling I will perform much better then I have. Had I not gotten all the coaching, my time in the tunnel would have been much more difficult and not as much fun. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  3. That was awesome. I have been to many of these funerals already. Unfortunatley, I will attend many more. Thanks for posting it. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  4. I'm a real titties man. Had the fake ones and they are nice but the real ones are more manuverable. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  5. All right, point understood. I think we are beginning to beat a dead horse here. We will have to agree to disagree or we are going to go back and forth as long as is on the internet. The weather in California was great also and I got only two jumps in this weekend. It was good though because it was the first jumps with my new gear. Talk to you later. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  6. Thanks Doug, I look forward to doing some time in the tunnel. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  7. I can't comment a whole lot on what happened in 1994 because I was not there and I try my best not to Monday Morning Quarter back anything where I do not have complete information. Just like I would not due to someone who decided to stay with a main that had a line snapped in stead of cut it away. I was not there and did not have all the facts. (Could be a poor example but the only one I could think off) Have you ever done a ride-a-long with any type of law enforcement? I know you said someone in your family was a cop or something? If you haven't I would suggest you do. That is if you can handle sitting in the patrol car without getting nervous. (JK) It might make you understand a few things a little better. I'm not saying it would completely or even change your view point a little, nor would I expect it to. Maybe if you understood what was dealt with on the norm you might understand why we react the way we do sometimes. I'm not justifying any illegal action that might have been done by any cop at any time. Something about dealing with people on a day to day bases when you do not know who they are or if they would like to kill you because they do not want to go to jail again. I spank my kid also, and I would be pissed if a cop tried to stop me. I hate it now that some people consider it abuse. I was spanked growing up and do not consider myself abused. That is a whole different issue though and would probably deserve its own thread. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  8. Kick ass Phil, I look forward to checking it out. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  9. All I have shot as far as a 1911 is the Kimber. It was tricked out and had a trigger pull that was light as hell. I'm still waiting to get the approval from the boss (also known as wife) to buy it. I first have to buy my current duty weapon because we are getting issued new ones next month. The old one has some personal value that the wife does not understand. Hopefully some of you guys can understand it. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  10. Ok, I can see some of your points Airman1270. Your Wal-mart example does happen but you do not read about the times the person is asked to move along. Why you ask? Because there is no report made about it and it is not printed in the newspaper. I worked in a city with a high number of homeless people in it. When they were sleeping or harassing customers they usually got sent on their way, no citation and no arrest. I can not recall ever arresting one of them because they just happened to be there. It was one of a few reasons. 1) I asked the person to move on and they refused and became combative. 2) They were intoxicated and did not have the ability to care for themselves, also known as drunk in public. For reason number two I believe it was a good thing for them to go to jail. You ask why again, I will tell you. They would get robbed of what little things they had by other homeless people and get beat up by thugs and drugies. I knew the court system would not do anything to them and they would be released when they got sober. At least they had a hot meal and a place to sleep. I can see your example with the K-9's and my agency has been spanked for that exact reason. So, I can not say a whole lot about that without talking out of my ass. Unfortunately the law is quite specific if someone should go to jail or have a ticket written. There is some instances that the option exists if a person should get a ticket or go to jail. For example, driving without a license is a misdemeanor and you could go to jail for it. In 99% of the cases they are given a ticket. Again, most people do not hear of this because no report is made and it does not make the paper. I can tell you have had a hard time letting that issue go from 1994. The way you write tells me that it still pisses you off. For example, "Fair enough. I concede you you have a better understanding of what the courts will allow you to GET AWAY WITH" and " I still believe the cop should BE SHOOT DEAD in the parking lot" Hopefully you are just saying it is fucked up and do not really wish someone dead. You sound a lot like my brother because we have discussions about this kind of stuff all the time. He is really anti-authority also. It is nice to know people can have an open discussion in this thread without getting pissed off and make attacks at people like I have seen in the Dropzone forums before. After all, we are all skydivers. Even though I disagree with Airman1270 on so many levels I would still jump with you anytime. Peace out. Mark SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  11. Wow Airman1270. I'm hurt (Just kidding). Did you just say cops today are not educated and do not know the law? I just want to make sure I understood your post right. I have a counter argument to that. Basically I spent 6 months, five days a week learning about the law. No, It does not make me a lawyer but I think I have a better understanding then civilians walking down the street who think they understand the law because they watch T.V. (Law and Order) or read newspapers. During training it was always stressed how not to violate some random persons rights. Your examples are the text book ones they teach about. Searching automobiles without a cause and stopping somebody that has not done anything. I'm just curious, did the police reports you read during your radio career come out of newspapers or are they actually the reports as written by the person making it? If it was newspapers you only got one side of the story, the reporters. As I'm sure you know, newspapers can lean to either side of politics and make the reports the same. Again, I think the world forgets that we are people and have families. I have a son whom I want to be a role model for. How can I set an example for my family if I do not do it at work. If we can lets keep this dialog up. I'm curious to know how the other half of the world thinks. It will only make me a better law enforcement officer in the end and I think this is what most strive for, not how many people they can beat. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  12. I also had a line over on jump #20, which was a 3,500 hop and pop. Tried pumping the breaks which did not help. Not a lot of time though so I chopped at 2100. All ended well and I was glad to get my first one out of the way. Gave me confidence that I could handle the situation without freaking out. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  13. Thanks for the info again. I will give him a call. I do not mind doing a few solo jumps, as long as I'm jumping. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  14. Unfortunately, I will arrive on the 8th(Sun) leave on the 11th(Wed). I have a question maybe you can answer jtval. I looked at Mesquites web site and it said that anything other then a weekend you had to call for an appointment or something to that effect. Does that mean that usually it is not open on the weekdays unless there is a large group coming out? I will not be able to make it out on a weekend, so if that is the case I will not be able to jump. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP
  15. I'm sorry this has happened to you and this is why people think of the police the way they do. Do not let a bad apple make you think a all are like this. You did the right thing by keeping your cool. It is possible to get it into court. If they could the Rodney King tape into court, I'm sure a lawyer could find a way to get yours in. I have never tried to get someone firied up on a stop. This would be a safety issue, you never know what someone might do. I have never hated someone I have taken to jail, even the guy who was drunk and killed a man while driving. I thought he could have made a better decision then to drink and drive but he is a person. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP