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  1. I jumped in the Army many times (static line) and was positive that I would love skydiving. The staff just confirmed that this would be a sport I will get into full time by this upcoming summer. The AFF certificate was given to me for a anniversary present and it was the best experience ive had. I did alot of shopping to compare prices, and this place was the lowest and actually jumped from 14,500. My girlfriend, who swore she would never jump out of a perfectly good airplane, observed the first time I went out for the AFF course but I didn't get to jump. After talking with the regulars and watching the fun everyone else was having, she decided to do tandem. After doing tandem, she decided she will be doing the AFF course next spring. I got a late start and didn't do the course until November so I will be picking up where I left off the first chance next spring. The only con is the ride out there (2 hrs +) but well worth it. Nothing in Delaware is convenient for those of us who live in the DC metro area. The video package we both got was excellent quality, the training staff is excellent and professional. This drop zone is second to none. I was considering trying other DZ's once I got my license, but don't really feel the need to. Im sure this will be my home DZ in the future. Make sure to ask for Dave, he'll take good care of you!