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  1. The stripper idea is a great one. I just don't know how well that would go down. Who cares I am gonna try and work that out somehow. The calendar idea would be funny, especially if you saw some of the firefighters inour hosue
  2. I always have fun. I would put the video up for everyone, but we had some backlash after the guys from england got caught on youtube in the gear dryer. Our chiefs were like "nothing like that better happen here!"
  3. Wow that is an EMS classic. I think every new EMT, Paramedic should watch it.
  4. First one is funny, but I like my pay checks and I want a vacation but a paid one would be nice. The second option might happen, but I would just be busy trying not to get my ass beat
  5. People, please can we not use the "R" word. We are all the same here on the internet.
  6. I feel your pain. I have worked the last 24 straight hours. Yeah it is over time but still I need sleep. Tomorrow only 6 more hours till I am done.
  7. I might give that a try...Back at work now and unfortunatly not as bored as last night we have had a few calls already and we are only one hour in to the shift
  8. Umm I love you too, but we need to keep it a secret ok?
  9. I wonder if the Iraqi's would return the favor. I can't agree with anyone who says are soldiers aren't the best in the world.
  10. I am so fuck'in bored. Work sucks, anyone have anything fun to do? Internet games are driving me crazy stupid flash games!!!!
  11. everyone in the world is their own special kind of crazy. Who cares as long as you have fun.
  12. LOL, I just got slammed on for saying thier campground section was boring and trying to liven it up. They already hate me. LOL