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  1. Wow!! Thanks so much for this as well!!! Cheers guys!! Im excited!
  2. Dave, great information! Thanks for the fast reply.
  3. I have been shopping around and have had to come to this arena for a simple question. Anyone know anyone who can make removable sliders? Not full on RDS, just a removable slider for a Katana 120. PD from what I understand only tailor to Velocities when making removable sliders but people have also told me "There are folks out there who make them if you just want one for your Katana". Just wanted to see what you all had to say or think about my issue. Thanks again folks. //wade
  4. That is awesome! Who says age means anything after seein' this!! Awesome shot Arvel!!
  5. I would start with more calories. You sound a bit weak. Core strength can also be diverted to mental strength. Do you feel strong in the air? How come you dont push down harder when you sit? Freefly more when you can afford it and do a great amount of tunnel time and you wont be happier. You'll come around. Just drink more water man. I agree, if you are working out 3-4 times a week and still feel weak, then you are not progressing. Get what Bones has up there. No joke.
  6. EXTremeWade


    Meth is not addictive. I dont see why you all dont give more props to it...and cake is bomb, that too will flip your lid. Id rather drink a twelve of ass milk before I went back to blue rock again. F*uck that. You all keep it easy on here, but still meth is the true flav. I miss it more everyday. I was in the best shape of my life.
  7. Way to kill it Even at a couple of hundred jumps, sometimes there is nothing better to do when you are alone at the dz, is to do raw solo awareness training and get as much from it as you can. As you build your circle of awareness in freefly, you'll just start to see more an more things you can do to control yourself. Enjoy the journey.
  8. "In the next few weeks I'll be hitting up VA.." is this still a course of action..?
  9. So the simple answer seems to be that Freeflying is not dead but maybe dying off some. Who cares. Hey, the economy is still a bit fragile and like the OP stated $24 bucks a jump can be tough. For freeflying we have all seen ups and downs since committing to this discipline, but it is not dead. Everyone that has ever wanted to do well in freeflying tried hard to get there. Stop throwing all that money and excuses out there. Lock this thread sometime soon, and save us all pleases
  10. QuoteI got a Rawa for my 1st camera helmet, done 2000 video jumps since and it does the job for filming tandems and fun jumps. Yeah its not a flattop pro and I'm not norman kent, but like someone already said your flying skills are more important than your helmet. You don't have to go out and spend a ton of money. I have had my Rawa for a long time. Its been really nice for all my tandem work, Freefly fun jumps, and any other video. It is so nice to have a really lightweight camera helmet and the Cx-100. I have a Rebel XTi and I still dont have issues wanting to take the whole setup out for any funjump. Sure, I have had some hard opening and some neck pain over the YEARS, but the Rawa still has yet to set some pain-trend in my book. Its 1. Such a safe and snagg freee design for what you pay for it, 2. Very Light, 3. CX100 Dbox is small and light, with smooth rounded edges, and 4. Its just all light! Fly your body for shots, not the camera
  11. You can transfer the video. It is actually not too bad. Like the OP stated, once you save the original CX100 video to the inserted, external memory card, you pull it out and are ready to insert it into whatever peripheral you need. Then the important part is, to select what format the other camera or medium (external card-reader for example) needs to be set to the same default CX-100 recording format. It sounds fucking complicated, but all you really need to remember is that what type of file format was saved on the original card and then when you put it into another medium to read it, make sure that medium (peripheral) is set to the CX 100's prior recording file format. For example, if you had a USB-interface plugged into your PC with one of those 10+1 memory card readers, you would be able to see that directory (file) when finally recognized by your computer. Then, open the file. Select from the file menu, even through windows movie maker you can do it, but I have Adobe After Affects and that allows the user to select the AVI III format which can re-render HDMI or SD footage from the CX 100. Its just knowing your scroll options and how to open the card through whatever application you run. Cheap programs wont do well, while Adobe, once LEARNED can do wonders for any type of video formatting and yes..card reading. For at home, drinking a 6-pack of your choice, and it being a rainy day you can make editing like this some really fun and interesting work to do. However, for on the fly tandems at the DZ this method is simply unacceptable. Hope this helps on the external-card issue. I cannot find cords on this subject as of now. Extreme
  12. Hey good morning...just pulled some thick dinggle berries out of my ass and with it came a stream of ass milk...thats coffee time for me
  13. I was hopnig a month with you, Arvel. 7 days is just enough tmie to get our dance moves back!!
  14. Arvel you had better keep staying around too..we need to get a jump in man..
  15. I am down for the day so if anyone out there wants to tear it up or have some extreme freefly sessions, come out and lets rock it.
  16. Well said! I agree whole-heartedly. I hope the sorry and lame posts stops here Great input, Chuck..wish I could have met you there. Maybe next time, buddy... ~Wade
  17. It must have been one heck of a party. I have pictures of an RV parked by the pea pit sunday morning... I saw it happen first hand!! Stumbling to my bed...there is was..rollin on Gene Pauls lawn!!! HAHAHA!!!
  18. I had a great time at SKyfest and look forward to seeing you all again soon!! Thanks for a great time and really fun auction / party sat. night!
  19. This thread keeps coming back to life. Please just drop it. Is it worth our sanity on here?