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  1. and chaos ensues. delete me. i dont exist.
  2. that can go both ways... whos to say "coaliton" special forces havent donned standard arab garb, trod into town, planted explosives, and called it "suicide bombers" or whathaveyou... now you have your motive, go in, wipe shit out, because "insurgents" are out of control... totally plausible. humans are disgusting creatures.
  3. ive got a pretty good idea who "he" is... is he from the maryland crew? those guys never stop...
  4. someone else requested this... feel free to choose option 5 and make your opinion known...
  5. or scaling that wall, or dodging bullets, or ascending that rope, or climbing that fucking ladder, or running from cops or taking all that acid, or getting out of the k-hole or getting in the k-hole, or turing that 180 around, or kicking that dog in the face, or feeding him steak so he stops fucking biting you, or grabbing that crimper, and dyno to sloper to exitpoint or paying 2000 dollars for a plane ticket or taking the nite train so you dont have to pay for another hostel so you can get another beer or sleeping on the floor of some strangers house you met on an internet forum and jump off fucking buildings with, high on life, and drunk on endorphins and adrenalnie... I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHIt.... what a pasttime, this "base"...
  6. in all seriousness, your father is 83, has had cancer, and currently has emphezema... this leads me to believe you are anywhere from 30-60 years old yourself... which is a grown, functioning adult... it hurts, but we all die, it is the only guaruteed thing in the world... make the most of what you have now, and come to peace with these facts, together. live each day as if it were your last...fly free
  7. that thing sucks dude.... too many ornaments on the tree.. i think thats a cell fone array near the top...