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Dropzone Reviews posted by Slappie

  1. Well I've been at SPL for a little over a month now. It's the only DZ I've seen. From the way I have been treated I'm very inpressed with the staff including the JM's!! I'm enrolled in AFP and feel very confident with all the JM's Specialy "Rabbit" and Kris along with Scott {Canucklehead}, James...ect...The video service is A+ Top Notch EZ runs a very fast and clean operation there. With editing on site. The pack room {loft} is AC'd and carpeted. Good staff of Riggers. Rentals if needed. The food at the Cutaway Cafe is tasty! You aint lived till you eat a "Scotty Burger" LMAO. I walk into the hanger and people greet you with smiles. I wish I could say more... If you ever in Houston Texas make a stop at the DZ {soon to be known worldwide} Spaceland Skydive. I plan on spending alot of time here!!