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  1. I had mine stolen 6 yrs ago and I got a call from someone last month who had my gear! Was in same excellent condition as when it was stolen, still in the gear bag, and there were even 3 jump tickets still in the jumpsuit pocket! They got my contact info off the stolen gear database.
  2. Donny, I will sorely miss getting the chance to see you and jump with you. When I was going through some rough times you said some truly kind words to me that I will never forget. Thanks for the jumps, the smiles, and the laughs. Fly free! BSBD
  3. I learned to jump at Cloverdale when ashby was working there. Was always entertaining conversations to be had with him. Being such a small dropzone there weren't many people to jump with, so Ashby and I did a bunch of jumps together. After I switched to jumping at Byron I would hear from him every once in a while when he was gonna head out that way. Hadn't talked to him in a couple years now. Sorry to hear about his passing. Blue skies Ashby!
  4. I recently had to replace all my gear after it was stolen. I purchased a used main from someone in Illinois and I am in Chicago. Both had concerns: me wantign to have the canopy checked, him not wanting to send the canopy across however many states to someone he doesn't know. to make it safe and comfortable for both, we went through the DZO/Master Rigger at my home dropzone. it was a point of accountabiity that both could look to. The seller spoke wth the DZo both to check him out and me as well. The SELLER, felt comfortable enough with the conversation to send the canopy. This worked really well because I could feel confident that the canopy was checked out and the seller felt good about the DZo/Rigger being the middleman. So I guess my point, like so many others, if you don't feel comfortable with either conversation then it probably isn't the right buyer/seller combo.
  5. airborneak


    Sabre2 135-dark purple blue and white (purple end cells)
  6. airborneak


    Red and Black WINGS Container with main and reserve and Cypress
  7. As soon as we found out we were searching all over the area-yards, bushes, dumpsters, cans...gonna put up some flyers to...who knows what will happen. I appreciate everyone who is keeping an eye out!
  8. Here are the details on the rig: WINGS W13 SN 3124 DOm 12/03, Red and Black Reserve: R-Max 168, White, SN 60341809 Cypress 2-04507 DOM 12/03 Main Sabre 2 135 Dark Purple end cells, blue and white (no SN or DOM info) Thank you all for your help.
  9. Thanks Ficus! I really appreciate it. I'm kickin myself too! The sad part is, I've parked my car with thousands worth of stereo equipment and other stuff in the car in some of the shittiest neighborhoods and nothing happens..and here I park with everything very inconspicuous in a nice area and I get taken to town! It sucks! I'm adding another pic as well to give another view of the rig!
  10. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of pics of the entire rig. Here is the best i can do. Thank you all for your help.