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  1. I have an Expert Cypres 2 that was purchased in April 2009. It has only been turned on and used a few times over the past seven years and has never been sent in for maintenance. I am just now getting back to jumping after a long time off. Is it now too old to use safely? Thanks to anyone who can advise me on this. (I'll also check with a rigger and SSK).
  2. Thanks, to you and to the others who have responded to my question. What I like about running ideas by folks here is just how many different ideas I get. From info on the traditional winter destinations, etc., to suggestions to try to pull things together here in Ohio or even getting some friends together and avoiding the DZ route entirely. At this point I'm thinking I'll go to Eloy. I checked the history of weather there in March and it seems to be a low rain month (which is saying something for AZ) and pleasant temps. Thanks for your suggestions. Blue Skies (I'm counting on that!)
  3. I've gotten great advice here in the past. I now need help once and for all getting my A license. I have about 30 jumps in recent years, but the DZ nearest me closed and others are 3 hours plus away. I plan to decide on a home DZ in Ohio/Indiana late next spring, but in the meantime I desperately want to complete my A license. I have my own rig (never used) and have spent a couple hours in the tunnel in Orlando. One of my biggest problems has been weather. When I can get time away from work, I travel to the DZ and watch it rain. I have a heavy teaching load right now, but I am thinking that over the winter I could take 7-9 days of vacation and go to Eloy and get some 1-on-1 coaching to get my license in hand. I am confident I could progress fast. I feel my best chance for good weather is there and I can't handle another week at a rainy DZ. Then I could be ready for springtime in the midwest. I will call Skydive AZ and talk with the folks there, but I just want to get some feedback from you all too. Is this possible? Is there another DZ that would be a good idea to investigate? Thanks much, as always!
  4. As noted in the other thread on this topic, here is some contact info I got from Bill Jones, former Skydive Alaska DZO. The DZ opened this weekend. Call 907-360-8338 or 230-5334 for all the details. -Bill Jones
  5. FYI. I got the following info from Bill Jones, former DZO at Skydive Alaska. As the other thread on this topic says, Bill sold the DZ and it is no longer at the old location. But, it is apparently in operation now. I am no longer in Alaska, so I didn't call. But for anyone who is interested, here's the info: The DZ opened this weekend. Call 907-360-8338 or 230-5334 for all the details. -Bill Jones
  6. Hey, is the DZ in Wasilla, Alaska really closed this year like their website says? Any body know? I sure was looking forward to jumping there on a trip north!
  7. Wow, I posted that question 9 months ago and no one seemed to know. I guess patience pays off! Thanks!Quote
  8. Hey All, Is there any difference between different kinds of hook knives? Any suggestions for having with a novice rig? Thanks much, LA
  9. Thanks (to all who have posted on this question). I've decided to go with two 15 minute sessions an hour apart on each of three days. That sounds plenty manageable physically, but more importantly, it should maximize my ability to learn in the process. Thanks again, LA
  10. Hey Folks, I am going to Orlando to get some coaching. I want to get as much time in the tunnel as I can learn from and physically handle. FYI, I am 56 and in pretty decent shape. Spent maybe 20 minutes in the tunnel in the past 2 yrs. Mostly want to work on flat-flying skills for RW this summer. What do you think is realistically the max time I should try to do over the course of 3 days? Thanks much, LA
  11. Thanks to everyone who responded to my question. I have unpacked both canopies and stored them loosely in cloth bags in an air-conditioned room. Appreciate the advice. -Leon
  12. Hey all, I purchased a great almost new rig last year. But given work demands, I may not get to jump it for another 18 mos. Is it hard on a canopy and lines to stay packed for a couple years? Will that likely affect its performance? I guess reserves stay packed for ever if you're lucky, but still work when folks need them. Any advice appreciated. -Leon
  13. My wife says she has been looking for a DZ in the web-world of Second Life. Has anyone ever been to that virtual dropzone? Know its name? Thanks.