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  1. Thank you Jerry. An email has been sent. Thank you for the suggestion. On a humorous note.... when you click on the "Contact" link, it recommends checking the FAQ section. In the FAQ section there is a question "Can I delete my account". The reply is: Can I delete my username No. You can not delete a username at this time. If you registered another name then simply continue to use the new account. Old dormant accounts may be purged. LMAO! Would you expect anything less from a site like this?? haha I have asked politely. I have insulted posters and used profanity. (Clearly this SHOULD have been a violation of forum rules and reason for instant deletion) And now I have emailed the website. Who is this "Gregspo" you speak of? Just in case I need suggestions.....
  2. .....crap, I'm still here. Are there no moderators on this forum?? You were asked for technical information as to the operation of equipment. But you missed that and mistook it for something else. While I am waiting for the moderator to delete my account and posts, I might as well continue the train wreck for you. This seems to be the real interest on this forum. You even have a section for it. I assume that is what a "sticky" is. I am not arguing with you, I am clearly explaining to you why you are wrong. Let's pretend this was a forum for........oh say.....the automotive industry. And it covers all the basic sections such as learning to drive, transmission, engine, body, interior, electrical etc.... ....and a new student went to the section on "engine" and asked a TECHNICAL question as to the operation and function of an internal combustion engine. Let's just pick one for this fun example. Uh....how about "does the engine have a direct connection from the foot lever to the engine or is it fake" And let's also add in the question or statement that "I pushed and pushed on it and nothing happened" Please pay attention now, as I will explain how you all fail so miserably. Here are examples of the content of the answers you would post. "You are a student driver, why are you worried about the gas pedal" "Did you do as you were told by your instructor" "Was the car running" "Are you sure your foot was on the pedal?" "Many students get this wrong" "Foot pedals are real, they are called Gas Pedals". (Ding, ding, ding, ding WE HAVE A WINNER! A direct answer to the question! Let's continue) "Are you sure you were pressing on the gas pedal?" "Did you ask your driving instructor" "Maybe you should take it to a mechanic" (insert various posts about being a skydiver playing a prank and various "troll" insults. Then make sure to deleted those posts later so no one else can read them. Leaving just back to back questions from the original poster) "Gas pedals have a direct linkage to the carburetor" This is were it get's fun. Original poster asks questions to qualify that answer. Posts video that shows addition clarifying information on that one statement. "You need to leave" "Stop going on the internet and trying to prove us wrong" "Asking too many questions will bore us and annoy us" "You asked where you need to take the car to find out what happened" "The instructor is the only one that knows" "You need to take another driving lesson" "Please don't correct us and don't come back" yada yada yada yada yada There....wasn't that fun? Do you understand now where you went wrong?? And still trying to argue that YOU DID answer the question correctly? Go back through this thread and remove every post that has in it statements like the ones posted above. Then you will get it. Now were is the moderator on this forum?? Do you even have one? Who maintains order on here? Oh wait....never mind on that one.....
  3. .....it's like a train wreck....you guys just can't look away, can you? haha .....so here is some more for you...... Not one of you were EVER asked for your mother fucking advice. Not once. But nooooooo, you just can't help yourselves. You have to open up your cock suckers and give all this shit advice that has NOTHING to do with the topic of the thread! What the fuck is wrong with you guys?? I didn't ask "Hey sky gods, where should I go and who should I ask to find out what happened on my jump?" Nope. Didn't ask that. But boy you guys sure can't help yourself, can you?? Probably won't get my account deleted either. I'm one of the few concise intelligent posters that you have on here. And definitely one of the few that understand the value and answering a question directly instead of giving UNSOLICITED advice. It's a shame really. But it's okay. You are what you are. All I'm asking now is to have my name, account and all my posts removed from this site. ..........but you are all too fucking stupid to get it. But maybe the profanity will get the attention of the moderator....... Unless he's one of you assholes. lol THAT should do it! Thank you.
  4. I will not have my name associated with this mother fucking site. Or have my posts displayed on this mother fucking site. .............that should do it. haha
  5. Before you go....could you get together with some of the others and ask the moderator to delete this thread and please delete my account? Some of the posts on this thread have already been removed or deleted, so I know it can me done. I have no option that I can find to delete this thread or my account. Seriously, please complain to the moderator and ask that I be removed from this forum. Thank you.
  6. ......so explain to me again the purpose of this forum?? haha
  7. Here is what we have learned on this thread. (Or "should" have learned) There are no "fake" or "dummy" ripcords. They are real and are called release handles. (Currently this information has neither been supported, amended or debunked) The release handle on the student side is connected and part of the release handle on the instructor side. What works on one side, should work on the other. Toggles on reserve parachutes on Tandem rigs can be either red OR yellow. The best time to ask question about your jump is immediately after your jump. The best person to ask is your instructor. He is the only one that has actual information about your jump and what took place. Asking questions on this forum will annoy some. Correcting them will annoy them even more. Not all information or questions are welcomed. Especially if you are "the noobe". This is all valuable information.
  8. "I" was asked if I was under a reserve. I replied: "Is there an easy way to tell?" I was told, "if I was under a reserve, the toggles would be red". I then discovered that this information was not "entirely" accurate. And I posted an "amendment" to the above information that "not all reserve parachutes on tandem rigs have red toggles" And posted video proof. (google "reserve tandem ride", it's the first video that pops up btw) You are big boys. You jump from airplanes. Your wittle feelwings shouldn't be hurt so easily from "amendments" to your posts. Or for that matter, being shown you are wrong.
  9. The purpose of this thread was for information purposes only. Information that is not validated, should be quantified or qualified with "in my experience" or "in my opinion". Information posted should be amended by anyone and everyone that has additional information to validate, vet, quantify or qualify said information. This is for the purpose and benefit of everyone reading the thread to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information. It is not "arguing". Posting information that is amended by fact or personal experience, should not "annoy" anyone. It is for the purpose of maintaining accuracy. The personalities here on DZ.com are not conducive for acquiring information on ANY level. Not even on a level meant for pure discussion. Therefore, is there any way to remove this thread from this forum? Or remove my account completely? Thanks
  10. Check Don't ask questions here. Got it, thanks.
  11. Just trying to vet the difference between fact and opinion on here. Red toggles on all reserves is not fact. I asked the question "Is there a simple way of telling if it was a reserve". Answers were given to me related to the color and type of toggles. I may be mistaken. I thought the purpose of this forum was for acquiring information. Not to flame, criticize or insult. I will continue to use all means of information I have at my disposal. As I have stated several times, this is for my own reference only, and not to determine fact as to what took place. I have also stated several times that the instructor is the only one that knows exactly what happened and I am in the process of attempting to locate him. So....for those reading posts on this forum for information and reference..... Toggles on a reserve canopy of a Tandem rig "can" be yellow and single loops.
  12. [url]http://youtu.be/Ft0ek8QW6cQ Tandem reserve ride....yellow toggles not red. Guess reserve ride is no longer ruled out by not having red toggles. Still waiting to hear back from the DZ and trying to locate the instructor. Will post when I find anything out. Thanks again for all the help and possible theories.
  13. Agreed. I need to do another one and most importantly, ask questions after the jump and before I leave. I'm still trying to track down the instructor. Like I stated earlier, trying to figure out what "could" have happened is only for my reference at this point. Only the instructor can answer for sure as to what happened. Some things make sense, others do not. As for the time it took for things to happen in the air.....I could be way off. My perception of "time" may have been altered by me being "amped up" during the jump. Things I know for a fact......I know what I had in my hand. I know how hard I pulled it. Whether it was hard enough or not, or if it opened the container, I do not know for sure. I know the steering toggles had only one loop as we had to pass them between us. And they were yellow, not red. So I guess that rules out the reserve. I'll pass on the information after I find out in case anyone is interested. All in all, a moot point as to what really happened I guess.