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  1. srsand1960

    CSC - Chicagoland Skydiving Center

    I ordered my USPA SIM, read countless entries on DROPZONE.COM, flew to Florida twice to learn to fly in the tunnel and studied for hours this past winter. Why? Because I wanted to learn and it seemed that it was up to me to teach myself. I was determined to learn regardless of the lack of instruction that I received from other DZ instructors, who didn’t have the time to debrief me after my jumps(due to they had to get up on the next jump run) or due to a lack of desire to teach me much more then up, down, go. So, if no one else was going too, I would put together my own plan that would get me the kind of education that I desired. It all paid off for sure. However, that can not take the place of having knowledgeable experienced instructors, who want to help you learn and grow in something they really love to do too. After my first instructor was killed in a plane crash and the DZ closed to AFF students, I was left DZ-less, instructor-less and homeless. I contacted a couple of places and made a few jumps but I felt like I was apart from the DZ rather then a part of the DZ. In speaking with Doug via email for the last couple of months, I decided to go out and see if what he was telling me about the CSC instructors, caring about the education of their students, was the truth. Though I’ve only been a member of CSC for a short time, from opening day I felt that sense of belonging that I was looking for. I also felt the sense that these people wanted to educate, share their airspace and have much fun doing it. Other places that I’ve been too I felt like I had to earn a smile by being a cash cow and when weather didn't permit me to jump I felt like an unwanted, burdening woofo that took up their space. Regardless of how long I stay in this sport, I know I am welcome at CSC and best of all… I can now tell people I have a home DZ and I believe that I can ask these instructors anything and not feel ashamed that I don’t know. For anyone new that is just starting to skydive, or even have an interest in doing one jump, I suggest that you shop around for a DZ that makes you feel this way. Just go hang out for the day and see how other people are treated… then come here to CSC. You will see and feel a difference and welcome home!