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  1. my car has been sitting unused for a year so i can safely assume that when i get back to it, the battery will be dead. can i take it to a garage and have them charge it up for me remotely? does this work? how long does it take and how much does it cost? thanks!!
  2. if you are 30 or under, get a one year working holiday visa. that lets you into australia for a year and u can work if u want. u could totally come over to australia with no plans, depends how daring u are. everything's do-able. once u get here it is easy enough to find share accomodation if ur not that fussy. there is a bit of a rental crisis in the middle of the big cities so it's hard to get a place and it's damn expensive. once again, if u want a job and ur not that fussy, u can find something. else if ur a professional then i guess it depends on what u do. u just need enough money to be able to last say a month or so by the time u find a job and home. the rest is an adventure. of course if u have lots of money then everything is do-able.
  3. I´m in Barcelona, just doing to backpacking thing and have decided to stay for a few more days. I really really want to get a jump in. I have an A license, 24 jumps, havent jumped in 1.5 years. Did 35 minutes over 3 weeks in a tunnel in london, need to get back in the air now!! I have a few questions, you guys may know... Ive only ever jumped ripcord student gear, can I rent that there? Is it a fun place? Im going midweek so will there be other people around if I stay at the bunkhouse? Is empuria a cool place to go? is there a lot to see and do there or should i stay in barca and just do a day trip... Is it dodgy for me to stay at the bunkhouse alone? girl traveling alone so i have to be a little paranoid. i am quite sure having to rent gear and do all the refresher training means i will only be able to afford one maybe 2 jumps. so could i just stay at the bunk house and use it to explore the area or stay elsewhere... im looking to make friends and be social so maybe a backpackers is a better idea?? i have no idea i really need some advice! cheers guys!
  4. I would say Australia as it's absolutely fantastic but August is the middle of winter and definitely the worst time to come... I'm from Thailand and whilst Southeast Asia is awesome, if you really want somewhere exotic and different - go to India. You have the beach life in Goa and the Himalayas.. cheap shopping, good food and it is an absolute mind trip and culture shock.
  5. i decided to have a tattoo removed a few years ago via laser removal.. costed about 200 aussie dollars a session, each session was about 5 mins (tattoo wasnt so big)... noticed definite fading after each session... kind of decided i had better things to spend my money on after 2 sessions so never had any more so ive just got a faded tattoo... it would take about 6 sessions to get mine off..
  6. If the Kentucky law passes, then possibly. You will be liable for anonymous posts - a Kentucky based user could file a police report if he/she reads an anonymous posting. The Kentucky courts will fine you It's true. I studied a case about media law at uni last year in which it was ruled that the place where the website originated (or I guess the post was made) is irrelevant, if it is viewed in a place in which it is breaking the law then it is upheld as having broken that law...
  7. hang on.. if the customer had bought something from u (u being the cashier) and as u were handing him a $20 bill as change, he said... oh i don't want it, just trash it.. would u still be taking this moral high ground of making sure it went into the trash can or would u just pocket it because u know that someone else (be it another employee, the person who takes out the trash, a homeless guy outside or the garbage collector) will eventually take it... or would u contact hr and give the $20 to the company because i am sure they will tell u its their policy that if people leave money, u have to give it to them (which company doesnt want more money?) the point is.. once u've paid for the gift card, its like cash.. it doesnt belong to the company cos they already have the full amount.. the guy leaving it to be trashed is like him leaving his change from a purchase on the counter.. do u trash that too? im sure u wouldnt. edit to add: after the guy told the chick to trash it if she had asked him would it be ok for her to just use it... do u reckon he would have said "sure i couldnt care less" or "hell no, u have to make sure it goes into the garbage can because i said trash it"
  8. kirrz

    wiring money

    Do it all the time. In Australia it's the standard way to pay for things... when you buy stuff from e-bay and check out, you have the person's bank details displayed and you just put the money in. Have done it lots of times during international transactions too.
  9. kirrz

    House hunting

    sucks!!! i have been looking frantically for nearly 3 weeks and still nothing!! i guess it doesn't help that we are 2 23 year old girls trying to find a place in the most popular beach in australia during the time when everyone is looking (summer)... but still! we both have real jobs and good references so i assume we would get more priority than the backpackers but i dont understand why we keep getting rejected!! i even offered to pay more than the asking price and top whatever offer they received for the last place we applied for and still did not even get a call back!! are any of you real estate agents with sneaky tips? or else have u ever used any "alternative" methods of securing a place? i want to know!!!!
  10. the yellow tail white wines are really good but i just discovered another awesome aussie wine which is now my new favorite - the winery is long flat destinations and it is the pinot noir...
  11. hey bigway, im sorry to hear about your dog who is an absolute cutie but i wanted to ask -- have u been to the sydney uni vet clinic? my housemate is a final yr sydney uni vet student and my best friend takes her dog there and swears by it.. might be a little cheaper?
  12. is awesome for the uk and australia (1000x better than craigslist), i know they cover some US cities but not sure if it is any good
  13. hey there, i'm in sydney not melbourne so i can't help you but why don't you post this on the australian forum which is a lot of the aussie jumpers who used to postwhore here have migrated there!
  14. canon ixus 70... it is awesome in the states it is called canon powershotSD1000
  15. I worked for audiovisual services on campus and one year, I was pretty much just paid to be on call. So you do whatever you want and if a lecturer or someone has a problem with something electronic in the lecture theatre, there is a 50% chance you get called (2 of us on duty at once). Best job ever. I lived 5 mins walk from campus so I would start "working" at 7:30am and just be sleeping until my phone might ring around 10 or 11 then I would just get up, go do the job and come back home. And get paid $26 per hour to do that! It was the best job cos I could work whenever and how much ever I wanted so as a uni student.. sometimes if you have to be on campus anyways cos you have a 4 hr break between classes, I would just be working and get paid for it!
  16. aha how funny, i cant count!! nah the hours i can work are only from 8-5:30 because its a service industry and everybody closes up at 5:30 so can't do 12 hours.. by the end of the 8 hr day though, my brain is fried and usually im just watching the clock ticking by and waiting to go home.. i thought a break day might be good cos it gets rid of the tedious routine but then after a day off it also sucks to have to go back to work which is why i couldnt decide!!
  17. So I'm choosing shifts for work and I really can't decide.. I can pretty much work whenever I want for as many hours as I want so I've decided to do the equivalent of 3 8hr days a week... so 24 hrs.. but I need help making a decision.. which would you rather? (You can pick in the poll, I'm just explaining the options) a) 3 days in a row, 8 hrs a day (so like Tues, Wed, Thurs and have a weekend from Fri to Mon b) 8 hrs a day for 3 days but with a rest day in between (so like Tues, Wed, Fri or Tues, Thurs, Fri) c) 4 days of work but only 6 hrs a day... help help!
  18. ok so i just re-read that in light of the replies and PMs... in my defense, im jetlagged & my brain feels like mush right now so i actually thought walt was being serious!!!!! how embarassing!!!!!
  19. as someone who actually understands what the guy is saying... the video is warped. someone has found a normal hindi song with normal words and subtitled whatever the hell they wanted to.. so its not even a translation! and he's actually saying mai aisa kyon hoon (why am i this way) not may i fuck u.
  20. Thank you everyone!! You guys are awesome!! I've never owned a car before so I was absolutely freaking out. Totally correct on the A/C.. had it running the whole time. Car is due for regular service at the end of the month so will have them check out the brakes as well! Thanks so much once again guys!! You are awesome!!
  21. the front brakes are disc and the rear brakes are drum. the car was totally fine and worked normally... i just noticed going up a bridge that it wasn't really being very powerful when accelerating but i'm used to driving a 5L car so i assumed it was because of the engine size... so it's ok that there was a bit of water dripping?
  22. I just did something really stupid.. I accidentally drove a bit over 5kms (3 miles) with my handbrake on... I didn't realize until I parked the car and got out and smelt a burning smell.. I looked under the car and saw something liquid dripping slowly... just a tiny, slow drip.. I left the car for about 15 minutes and went back down. I did a bit of google research and read that I probably fucked up my brake pads badly and it said to check the tyres. The tyres are fine (they're new) and the burning smell.. although still there, has subsided... The dripping also stopped leaving a small pool of something. So I drove the car out so that I could see what the liquid was... it's water. What happened? What do I do now? Is it ok? Did I screw up something badly? I was going to ring a mechanic but I'm afraid they're going to make me go in and pay 100s of bucks to replace something that is fine.. Do I need to check something out? I'm so stupid!!!!!!!! Please help me!! I don't know anything about cars... just bought it 3 days ago!! Edit to add: It's a 1.5L Mazda2 2002 Automatic if that makes a difference!
  23. kirrz


    Just watched it! It was absolutely fantastic! So funny... totally lived up to the hype!
  24. same same. even when i thought harry was meant to die it was fine because it was so justified and it was just the rational thing to happen. hated the fact that both lupin and tonks died.. was surprised about the whole snape thing but loved that twist! also liked the dumbledore/ grindelwald storyline...
  25. have lived in thailand and australia... would move to france, spain, amsterdam, heidelberg (germany) or kashmir (india) but am quite happy to keep living in sydney.