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  1. I'm one of those geeks banging at a keyboard for way too long, and I used the information in my Interview. I'm a clinical engineer, and they asked about my ability to problem solve, work on a team, commit, etc. all of which skydiving applies to (I didnt use it in all those examples just saying). It actually first came up on the question about a large undertaking that I have done in my life, and I talked about the creation of my universities skydiving club. It doesn't matter what the job is or who the interviewer is, it is all about your ability to relate your skydiving in a positive manner, and create a since of purpose to it for the interviewer regardless of if they see it as reckless. Nerds skydive too dam**tt
  2. I've been out fo the sport for what feels like an eternity, actually only about a year. I'm hopping to be able to go out to the DZ either this weekend or the next, and frankly I have those first time jitters just thinking about it, excited jitters though. Anyways, to those of you that have taken long breaks and come back, what is that first jump back like, terrifying, more fun than ever, etc.?
  3. also if you tighten the outer bolts it will make the ammount that you have to squeeze the lens slightly less, it doenst really effect the friction of the lens moving up or down either
  4. Does anyone know of DZ's in the Caribbean, more specifically St. Maarten?
  5. So does anyone have any ingenious ideas of how to get cable to the dropzone so we can see the Aggies BTHO of Tech. And hadnt i heard something about some other aircraft possibly making an appearance? Anyways cant wait to see everyone there, tons of fun
  6. actually the speed of sound in the upper atmosphere would be much slower in the upper atmosphere, the further apart the molecules in the medium that the sound is passing through, the slower the speed of the sound, thats why the speed of sound along a metal pipe or a string is nearly double that of the speed of sound through the air, sorry, had to clear that up
  7. 66 hrs. because of finals, for the last 14 hrs of studying i thought that there was a homeless dude sitting next to me, and every 10 min or so i would look over there to reasure myself that it was a halucination, but then at the 66th hr., i stood up to go to the bathroom and for about 20 sec. i didnt see the room i was actually in, i saw the hanger at the dropzone where i work, with a reserve hung up for inspection (tell you what i really had on my mind). so yeah no sleep = halucinations. p.s. did you know that as per the DSM IV (the manual that defines all recognized mental disorders) if you are awake for more than 72 hrs. strait, you are considered mentally ill, and it is a legitimate way to plea insanity in a court of law, so long as the illegal act came within the period of sleeplessness following 72hrs.
  8. thats why i said you have to potential to make... obviously if there is no one jumping you arent making any money, but how many other jobs can you say you truely enjoy the atmosphere, i highly doubt you enjoy the atmosphere of working at McDonalds
  9. does any one use these new samsung models, and are they able to fit an external lens, i.e. wide angle just seems a camera that small would be nice on the neck
  10. It would be one thing if your family was supportive, but you've made it clear they're not. If your nephew goes in or is permanently maimed, are you prepared for the family blaming you for it forever? When I was newer in the sport, I’d try to recruit others to join in. Not any more, especially not younger adults, i.e., the kids of friends & relatives my age. The reason is simple: shit does happen skydiving, and if something happened to one of them, I’d basically be blamed for it the rest of my life. No thanks. I've always had a little bit of trouble understanding this idea, why do we decide that we shouldnt encourage something that we believe someone else will enjoy for the fear of other blaming us. We encourage people to drive, people die driving, we encourage people to play sport, people die and are maimed playing sports, we encourage people to scuba dive, more people die scuba diving than skydiving. When you encourage something, in no way can any fault be placed on you, in the end it is the other individuals choice about what to do, whether to try it or not. Aside from all that, yeah my mom thought i was an idiot after my first tandem, and a year later she was going through tough times, and i was going again, and she decided she was going to go do something crazy and stupid, so she jumped, understood why i loved it so much and payed for my AFF 2 days later as my b-day present. Everone else in the fam still dunno what for i jump outa perfectly good airplane. My grandpaw when i showed him pictures, strait faced and seriously asked me, "what happend to the plane?"
  11. If you really think about the pay rate of your avg. packer, say they make $5 per pack, chances are the absolute slowest they will be is 20 min, and if there are enough rigs, that means they are making 15 an hour, thats good pay in realit, esp. for doing something in an atmosphere that you like, likely being younger, no degree etc. and if you are packing tandems, chances are you've got the sport rigs down to 10-12 min, and tadems to no more than 20 min, say 5 for a sport and 10 for a tandem, you have the potential to make 30 to 40 an hour, which is amazing pay no matter who you are.
  12. on fandango Jumpmaster: Hit your reserve MAN!!! Jumper: (procedes to punch his belly reserve) i laughed for like 10 min straight, and proceeded to watch the scene over and over again
  13. Can anyone out there honestly say that the havent broken a law before, can you even honestly say that there is a day that goes by that you dont break atleast one law, even if its just a measly trafic violation. I doubt any of us could, chances are that if cameras were in place all over the city they arent going to try and get you for that kinda stuff, but isnt it a bit unerving that we are allowing them the power to do so. Everyday the country begins to sound and look a whole lot more like 1984 allowing the government to detain someone for an indefinate time without being told what they are charged with, or allowing then the opporotunity for bail all under the guise of National Security, allowing our words to be recorded and monitored in case we say and HOT words, being video taped so as to watch our every mistake, and no one taking a loud if not violent stand against it. We have become complacent about our government, and assume that everything they do is for our safety, but we are giving our lives to them on a silver platter, they may not come after us yet, but we have afforded them the ability to do so whenever they decide. We are constently being led astry like a flock of sheep and a herder that can do whatever he wishes. The best way to improve our government is to constantly critisize it, force it to earn its ligitimacy from us. We have forgotten that the only power the government is allowed is the power that the people afford it. And we are obligated by our founders to alter or abolish any government that abuses or steps beyond the power that we the people afford it. I dont remember ever affording them the right to have me on video survelance, yet they do any way, seems like they are overstepping a little to me, yeah?
  14. Not saying you are wrong, but there are many sources that allude to missing russian nuclear material much of it being EU for reactors, some of it being weapons grade, many "dirty bombs" are made from nuclear waste and there are many reports that there are some being made from higher U-235 content, as for the briefcase bomb, yes we and russia mad some nuclear weapons to be that size, but the terms briefcase bomb and dirty bomb are often use sunonomously (sp?) by others, and most intel reports sugest that dirty bombs would likely be carried in briefcases. And if you know where i could read about the non-radioactive effect of a Uranium arresol inhalation please send me a link or something, i have looked for good studies on it before but always find just the effects no info about the study that concluded that. p.s. dont take that last statement as a stab, i actually would like to know where to see the info.
  15. by non-radioactive i meant non-fissile i appologize, the fissle material is the one that emits particles at a rate high enough to cause damage from prolonged exposure U-238's half life is long enough that the radiation emitted is rarely enough to cause problems except when inhaled or extream prolonged exposure. I also remember reading an article about the dust issue with DU bullets, dont remember the credentials but it claimed that the density of the particles was more than enough to cause them to settle on the ground within a relativly short distance of the impact. Again dont remember the credentials on that one, so lemme know if thats wrong.