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  1. ROK

    The Odyssey

    After being pulled from a flight to Paris, I'll be on my way to Barcelona tomorrow. Paris being a good 650 miles (1046 KM) from Barcelona presents a small problem... I've booked a flight to Orly leaving right after I arrive Tuesday morning, but I'm a bit doubtful that it will be a success. The trains...forget about it! Between the railway strike and the overload, I waited on the phone for two hours, and still didn't get to the reservation people. If there is anyone in the Barcelona area who would like to make some good cash and go on a road trip, let me know. Small planes are a plus
  2. ROK

    Paris Trip- Need Help

    This gives me all of the information that I needed. I've booked a place to stay. I appreciate your help. I told my wife that this was the fastest way to find a place For each of you that responded...ask for Robert Kelley next time your in Z-Hills and one of your jumps will be on me.
  3. ROK

    Paris Trip- Need Help

    That's probably where my son will want to stay, but I'm not permitted...
  4. ROK

    Paris Trip- Need Help

    I'm definitely interested! I appreciate everyone's help. It's my wife's first time in Paris and we're celebrating her birthday with an Eiffel Tower dinner. I'd like to stay in a managable place without going too broke.
  5. ROK

    Paris Trip- Need Help

    My wife and I are meeting our son in Paris in April, traveling through London and then on to Africa. I haven't been to Paris in twenty years and I'm having a difficult time finding a hotel for three people (4 nights) within a reasonable distance of city center for around 150- 200 euros a night. Does anyone have any recommendations? I can just pick one off of the web, but it's like rolling the dice. One room- 3 people WIFI Shower/Toilet
  6. Carbon credit trading. He who has the most gold CARBON CREDITS rules. Cap & Trade baby! Support your leaders who push it, and all of your problems will go away
  7. ROK


    I too have a large egg. I really wanted the Hurricane, but got the HR2. It's taken a beating and still looks and wears good. Trying on the XL Hurricane at Skysystems, they took it away from me when I pried it open and slid it on. I thought my eyes were going to pop out. There is one helmet that I like better. The Skydance ION. I use mine with camera equipment. It's made with Kevlar, and is very light. It also doesn't look like a space helmet when I place it on my head. As far as the music...distractions =
  8. First... There are always going to be choices that are either good or bad. I don't believe we should regulate everything to the Nth degree. Be smart enough to make informed choices that go beyond the cool factor. I ordered a brand new rig a little over a year ago. I also ordered soft handles. More for the cool factor than anything else. In the mean time while I was waiting for my rig to be built I had a total mal during a wingsuit flight. The resulting aerial acrobatics I was performing made it difficult to see my handles. Lots of material everywhere. I easily located that steel handle just by feel. I had two thoughts when I landed shortly after deploying. The first was "I'm glad I have a cypress" (even though I deployed with plenty of altitude before it would have fired), the second was "I'm calling and changing my new rig reserve handle back to steel". I like the fact that I can reach down and feel that well designed piece of metal when I need too. I don't have to worry whether what I'm pulling on is harness, wing, or anyting else. I know a lot of people who have soft handles and have never had a problem when needing to use it, but for me, I'm sticking to steel. Peace
  9. ROK

    Rig stand

    I have two of the paragear crosswise racks and they work very well, look good, and leave a very small footprint. I too investigated building them and said the heck with it. I'm glad I bought these and have seen no problems with my rigs.
  10. If you really want to do it right... Pay for AFF1. It's literally just a couple of dollars more with high quality video at our DZ, or less with a video that isn't edited. You'll spend half of a day learning in ground school, and you'll get to jump with two instructors and your own canopy(s). If you look out of the door, and puss have a better excuse when facing your friends The fear (concern) part comes on occasion, but being on load one staring out the door in the morning while the sun is coming up replaces it in an instant with a feeling of peace that I've never found anywhere else. You just can't wait to get out! PS- you also can't wait to get out if someone on the plane has eaten eggs and sausage for breakfast
  11. My wife is awesome. She has no desire to jump, but she knows that Saturdays and a few yearly events are sacred. We go on about two vacations a year that last a week and I always spend two of the days at the nearest DZ. When possible, I get her a ride in the jump plane. She has to wear a pilot's rig, but she's fine with it. I stopped bitching when she asks me to do the occasional chick thing with her, and the trade off has worked well. (you have to pretend like you're having a good time though) I also take on special projects when I want new gear. My last canopy cost me an exterior house paint job. Next month it will be Red Rock near Sedona! PS- Don't have the DZ chicks drop you off at 2:30 in the morning in front of your house
  12. I ordered my TJNK on June 23rd, and picked it up last Wednesday. It seemed like forever, but the rig is awesome! I'm also pretty pleased with the Sunpath customer service. Now I'm waiting for my Icarus canopy. Hope it won't be too much over the quoted time
  13. I watched you land and must say you did a very good job! Especially with the rotors rolling off the buildings that morning.
  14. I love night jumps! Remember to take your goggles off when you're under canopy. If not they may completely fog over when you're on final causing you to break your shoulder
  15. Reading a good book. Finishing a crossword in less than 10 minutes. Having all of my work done early on the job. Listening to the sounds of kids playing. Hanging with my lesbian neighbors and helping them work on their John Deere tractor.