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  1. Jeff, Good to see there is something in China. I will also be leaving to work there sometime next year, probably central China for 5-12 months. Definately keep me informed on whatever you find out about this Aero Sports School. I am interested to see what kind of position the sport is in there.
  2. I am beginning an international marketing project and have to prepare a marketing plan to introduce a product/service to the country of China. Because I may end up living there next year, I took it upon myself to find out if there is a dz there. From my initial research, I know there was a base jump demo in Shanghai a few years ago, but otherwise, no record of any dropzone or skydiving in China. For this project, as well as my own love of the sport, I am really interested in designing a dropzone for the country. I am wondering if this task has already been attempted and why it hasn't worked out yet (I know gov't regulations are strict, so maybe this is the reason). If anyone has ANY information on the topic of skydiving in China, whether it be a link, a name, an opinion, or any other facts I can start with, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks a ton! ~Blue Skies to all~