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  1. By hi res, I mean something I can blow up into a 12x18" photo to print. I know its a long shot, but I just started jumping digital stills at lake wales when I was flying this beast. So, the technology did exist. It's a long shot but its a fun path down memory lane in the process. Cheers! EVOL
  2. I should add, I'm looking for the original (terrible) paint job. Not the new one where its all shiny.
  3. Hey all, I used to fly frankenotter back in the day and I never thought to stop and get a picture of it. I would really like to get a good picture from anyone who has had the obvious idea to capture this unique bird in all its glory. If you have a high resolution pic of frankenotter will you please pm me? Cheers! EVOL
  4. Virgin that looks pretty cool. What canopy is that?
  5. I actually think it looks pretty cool. Hmmmmmm...........anyone else?
  6. heh......do you have any pictures?
  7. Does anyone have a picture of their canopies that have ribs different color than the top and bottom? Especially white canopy with red ribs or Black canopy with red ribs. Does the white/red combo make pink? Does the red show up inside of black? I have seen a few examples but the quality was lacking (backlit). I want to order my new crossfire and it all looks good in the canopy design program, but I want to see the real thing. Cheers! EVOL
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. The world makes sense again for a short time. I'll probably be putting my order in soon. Cheers!
  9. I have had my mind set for quite a while on getting a new Crossfire 2 139 this summer. I finally saved the money to get one. I did a ton of research into what my next canopy was going to be. I left no stone unturned...........or so I thought. I was minutes from pulling the trigger on the canopy and a friend asked "Don't they have a problem in turbulence"? I laughed and assured him this was not a problem, however, a little seed of curiosity was growing in my mind. I did a little looking into the matter and as it turns out............there is a history of the Xfire collapsing in turbulence. It seems that the problems stem from around the time of a recall where a bunch of Xfires had to go back for re-trim. This concerns me a bit because I jump in the Midwest where it is ALWAYS windy and ALWAYS turbulent. SO..........is there any more truth out there to this story or am I being paranoid? I am about 220lbs out the door so I will be loading it about 1.6. I currently jump a Stiletto 150. Cheers! EVOL
  10. I made the switch to the CX100 and ended up going with the Centry .55 for tandem video. I jump a Canon 10-22mm for stills set @ 16mm. I have found that the .55 is not wide enough. The optika .3, however, was much too wide. I am looking for something equivalent to the kenko .43 that i used with my PC-109. Unfortunately, i dont thing anyone makes that size HD lens. Any suggestions? Cheers! EVOL
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am still looking for a picture of a Javelin Gear Bag. Not even Javelin will send me a picture. Apparently they are as elusive as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. For the record Javelin CS has been non-existent through my container order process. No returned phone calls and very short on the phone. Not what I would have expected.
  12. I have seen the other gear bags available but I have never seen the Javelin ones. I am not looking for a really large bag. Instead I would like something like a backpack or cover for when I travel and store my rig. I am an airline pilot. I jumpseat all the time (fly for free in uniform as a crewmember) and it does not look good when a pilot in uniform boards a plane wearing a parachute. Im looking for something more like a backpack that makes it a little more subtile. I know the next thing someone will say is put it in your carry-on. However, I dont check bags because I'm not a paying passenger and I need my carry-on for my clothes and other gear. Javelin makes 3 sizes of gear bags and I would like to see what they look like before I buy. I already have the big ones that store all my crap. Can anyone help me out? Cheers!
  13. I am about to buy a new Javelin Odyssey and I am trying to decide if I want the matching gear bag with it. I have never seen the Javelin Gear Bags. There is the mini, normal, and extra large gear bag option. I am interested in the normal (mid) size but I would like to see what they all look like. Would some of you be kind enough to post pictures of your javelin gear bags and include what size they are? Javelin doesn't have any pics up on their new website. Cheers!
  14. I have been using this lens on my helmet for about 4 years. I do tandem video and it is a perfect match to my Pc-109 / Kenko .43 combo. I am a professional photographer aside from tandem videos and I can tell you that Sigma makes some good lenses. They have a little problem with quality control and some people end up with a lens that back-focuses. However, I have seen brand new Canon L lenses do the same thing from time to time. Sigma will adjust it for free if you send it in. I only recently sold it because I switched to a CX100 and I bought a Canon 10-22mm to go with it. The Sigma 17-70 is a great lens both in freefall and on the ground. Cheers!
  15. That's perfect......I also use the Canon 10-22mm so I will start there. Cheers! EVOL
  16. My dz is making the switch to HD next season for tandem videos. It took me quite a while and lots of combinations of equipment to find a good still/video lens combo. I was using a 17mm still lens with a kenko .43 w/ step-up ring on a pc-109. I am planning to buy a CX100 and I can't seem to find and equivilant lens to the .43 for the CX100. Anyone out there with a similar setup that has found an equivalent option? -OR- If you are doing tandem videos with a CX100, what lens are you using? Cheers! EVOL
  17. EVOL

    Set me up!

    I need to do some tunnel time this winter. I have gotten stuck (but enjoying) into tandem video flying and I have not had a lot of time to work on my head down in a long time. I got some head down coaching at the end of my season out of the plane and it was pretty rough. I need a jumpstart to get me out of a sit (video/fun) and on my head. I know that I will have to work on the basic stuff first in the tunnel. What steps should I plan on taking for a tunnel trip around Feb-Mar? I have never been to a tunnel. I have 500-600 jumps video/freefly/RW. 1. Do I need a suit? 2. What location? (I live in the Virgin Islands and I am an airline pilot that can jumpseat free) 3. What type of coach am I looking for? 4. In estimation.......will 1 hour be enough to get back next season and give me a spot to work from? 5. *****The Florida location would be considerably cheaper than everywhere else because of proximity and people I can stay with. Is the Orlando location adequate for freefly coaching? Cheers!
  18. Hey DaVinci, You trying to tell me your buying new gear?
  19. WOW......first off.........thank you everyone for the replies. There are some very valid points comin up here. Maybe too many. So far I think I ruled the Stiletto out. Havent been a fan of it and it sounds like some of you agree. What im looking for in a canopy is nice openings(camera) and good stability in rough air(i jump in the midwest in high winds and a small landing area). After that it would be nice to SLOWLY work on swooping over the next few years. I dont want to do it bad enough to break something and loose my real job (pilot). From my experience with canopy work so far I do not like flat flying canopies. I like light front risers that you can hold in a dive vs. turning low and trying to dig out if I misjudge. Forgive me if any of that sounds stupid.......like I said im not much of a swooper. Keep in mind that if I land out around my DZ its a 90% chance I will be landing in corn or beans. Something that will slow down is a large plus. The Crossfire 150 might fit the profile above? Safire? Containers im still up in the air about. It might come down to what kind of deal I can find when the time comes to buy. G3, Wings, or Odyssey would please me long time. I will do some investigation into reserve size. If the PD 143 won’t hold me than ill go with the 160. I would like to keep my rig size down but safety and functionality win over looks in my book any day. There is always the optimum but it’s a jump in price. As for AAD I think I’m going to give the vigil a try. It costs less and no required inspections? I have heard several well respected riggers suggest them in the past year. Keep the suggestions/advice coming if you have any. Cheers! Chris
  20. I have come to the end of the useful life of my first rig. My cypress has expired on its 12 year, my Mirage G3 has a lot of wear, and my Sabre 170 needs new lines and I am looking to downsize. I jump a Stiletto 150 frequently but I’m not a huge fan of it. I have been thinking about getting all new gear in the next year or so. I am a tandem video dude and I also enjoy freeflying. I have been known to do a lot of tracking dives and I will go with the belly flyers anytime. I don’t fancy myself a great swooper and it is something I am work on in time. This is what my choices have been so far so please help me elaborate. I’m 6’3” and 195 w/o gear. Container – Mirage G3, Javelin Odyssey, or Wings ----------------(leaning toward Odyessy) Main – Pulse 150, Stiletto 150, or Crossfire 150. ------------------(leaning toward Pulse) Reserve – PD 143 AAD – Vigil or Cypress? ------------------(leaning toward Vigil) The main canopy is the hardest decision because I would like a good intermediate-advanced canopy that will see me through the next 1000 jumps. I’m planning on demoing a Pulse 150 this summer and I don’t know a lot about the Crossfire. I know the Stiletto is not my favorite but I might not have given it enough of a chance. I know containers are just a matter of brand preference but I would love to hear suggestions. Feel free to suggest anything that’s not on the list. Cheers! Chris
  21. EVOL

    Good FreeFly Suit

    i ended up going with a pair of FireFly Freefly pants for right now. i will probably pick a full jump suit later in the season. i will post some pics of the pants when i get them. the people at firefly are awesome!!!
  22. i just wanted to know how big of a deal is it if a main canopy has a few frayed or torn crossports? second question, can they be repaired? thx Chris
  23. EVOL

    Good FreeFly Suit

    i have been sitting back and taking in the info you guys have posted so far. i would really like to eventually learn to make my own gear. i am a craftsman and enjoy learning new trades but i dont have the time or a sewing machine right now. im working 70 hours a week. i have it narrowed down to 2 choices. - Freefly Freakin Suit or - Firefly Frreefly Pants im leaning a little more toward the pants because it gets very hot and humid here in the summer and the pants will be a little more comfortable than a full suit. the user reviews of the firefly pants say they have a belt in them that keeps your T-shirt tucked in even in a sit. what do you guys think?
  24. EVOL

    Good FreeFly Suit

    what about firefly pants? they have good reviews everywhere.........anyone have experience with them? mainly want to know if my shirt will stay tucked in and not fly over my handles in a sit. looks like a new pair of firefly pants start at about $140. EVOL
  25. EVOL

    Good FreeFly Suit

    those are $300-$400 suits. im looking for something a little less in case i have a few hard landing on my new rig.