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  1. strop45

    Email address for LookMa

    You could always look at the website - email addresses are there?
  2. strop45

    Places to sport jump in New Zealand...

    Kia Ora - Skydive Abel Tasman in Motueka, Pudding Hill (near Methven), or Fox Glacier would be my recommendations. Wayne
  3. 100% agree. Postings on these forums, especially by anonymous posters, carry about as much weight as "overheard in a bar". Sure they may give lawyers some idea of where to look and what questions to ask, but a good lawyer will find that information anyway. Personally, I think it would be a shame if these forums became less due to concern about lawsuits. While there is a lot of rubbish and nonsense in the postings, there is also an occasional gem and many opportunities for thinking and learning more about skydiving.
  4. strop45

    Phone number for deepseed!

    Hi Mark You do know thats its New Zealand and that is an international call, don't you? +64 7 376 7136. Replace the + with your international access. Just tried the number and it works. Deepseed are also available on skype if you want to reduce your call costs. Blue Skies
  5. strop45

    odd protrack temperatures

    Are you sure its in degrees F. Sounds more like degrees C?
  6. Not sure but, see story .... ------------------------------------------------- A Taupo man who survived a 300-metre plummet to earth when his parachute did not open is on his feet - and ready to return to skydiving. The sky appears to be the limit for news media interest in Michael Holmes' story - with hefty cash offers flooding in for video footage from two cameras of his horrific freefall. Mr Holmes, 25, made headlines worldwide when his main parachute did not open in a routine skydive above Lake Taupo on December 13. The reserve chute also failed when it became entangled as the Taupo Tandem Skydive cameraman fell toward the ground, which took 30 seconds. As he fell at a rate of 160kmh, he is reported to have screamed, "Shit, I'm going to die." Mr Holmes, a 7000-jump veteran from the British Channel Island of Jersey, landed in thick blackberry bushes, which cushioned the impact, near the Lake Taupo shoreline at Five Mile Bay. He confirmed to The Dominion Post that he was still recovering from injuries that knocked him unconscious, including a punctured lung and a badly broken ankle. He has had two operations. Discharged from Waikato Hospital in the New Year, he is back in Taupo, walking on crutches. His fall was captured by two cameras - his own helmet camera and another skydiver's. His camera footage shows his shadow with the ground rapidly approaching. He is holding some rope in his hands and he can be heard screaming. The films have been seen by Taupo's skydiving fraternity in a private showing. Mr Holmes' employers, Taupo Tandem Skydiving, have allowed him to sell the footage to the highest bidder. He has fielded news media inquiries from around the world and has hired a celebrity public relations adviser, Max Markson, to broker his exclusive story. "It was a normal jump until I tried to release my chute at 4000 feet," Mr Holmes reportedly told British tabloid The Sun. "It didn't open and didn't cut away. I thought my life was over. You do not have much time to say goodbye." "There's been quite a bit of interest in the film but I can't really say too much at the moment," he told The Dominion Post. It is understood he was initially offered £15,000 ($NZ43,000) by a British media outlet. The Discovery Channel is also understood to be interested and there are reports Mr Holmes has been asked to appear on the Jay Leno Late Show in the United States. He met Mr Markson in Taupo earlier this month. The PR guru was keeping negotiations close to his chest. Mr Markson said he was "brokering a few deals" and had an "arrangement with Australian and New Zealand media". "I would love to discuss it with you but I am bound by strict confidentiality. It's not possible yet to say anything. It is an amazing story. It's wonderful he is alive." New Zealand Parachute Industry Association safety officer Keith Gallaher viewed the fall footage to prepare a report on the accident. He he hoped to talk to Mr Holmes soon before signing the report off. The report would be sent to Civil Aviation Authority to investigate the accident. He did not know if the report would be made public. "That will be CAA's decision." Mr Holmes' father, Michael Holmes senior, did not expect his son to be grounded for a long time. "Michael is Michael. He will bounce back from it and he will be skydiving again."
  7. strop45

    Skydive Abel Tasman

    Great DZ. Did my AFF here, great instructors, strong focus on safety, good teaching techniques, lots of positive feedback (and negative when desired). Fletcher is great way to ride, large packing area. Recommended!!!