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  1. sailrite makes one for example.
  2. i tried to order a wingsuit from them and it was really bad communication, or for the most part no communication at all. way different from 2 years ago, everything was top notch and lightning fast then...
  3. what size is the canopy and how much weight is on the flag?
  4. i've been using my base canopies for tight display jumps or huge flags. they fly nice and slow, sink awesome and pack pretty small compared to acuracy canopies. with the new ultralight fabric you can get a 260 or 280 that will pack tiny. base canopies that is. check apex base.
  5. word. stop the bickering. i'm a sucker for the biggest suits available. always the same shit by the same couple of people. oh and i want pictures!
  6. this one looks ok...
  7. i know. you can argue if that was a fabric issue or applicatin problem of a static line setup. i can only tell of my experiences, as i have inspected lightweight fabric right after a treelanding etc. strangely i have yet to pack a optimum. it is pretty much the only square reserve i haven't packed yet. edit: besides, canopys just do funky stuff now and then.i don't have to tell you that. so one case says nothing at all.
  8. well since the same fabric is used in base canopys also, i think there are no concerns. i've seen lightweigt canopys with 300+ jumps, worked fine. i also don't believe in the tears easier theory. i've seen treelandings on ultralights, the held up just fine. and i mean full on, complete bodyweight suspended treelandings. the canopy had just minor holes and was jumped again. without slider. i think the tighter weave is actually better. but only time will tell deninitely.
  9. i don't see a brand war, i see egos on fire.
  10. i use a troll 265 vented, large mesh slider,base-freepacked with a 36" zp pc for tight display jumps. never had a problem. many terminal deployments. i really don't see where the problem should be.... edit: i like the openings a lot better than an rl-16, foils etc. of course it opens harder than my neos, but not much harder than the clapped out sabre 135 i use for wingsuiting.
  11. i have absolutely no problems pulling my except bridle and pc unmodified poded sabre1 at around 1300 feet.
  12. yes. starting base jumping as a marketing move? what the fuck? yeah yeah, i know my x wing flies further than my v3, so what...does it fucking matter? whats this bullshit pissing contest all the time? huh huh i fly above yuri in a v3. big deal. had fun on the jump?
  13. where were you when this stuff was opened the last years? without cameras, without helmets.... oh yeah, skydiving probably.
  14. has anyone succesfully made contact with the company? i emailed twice now and got nothing back...
  15. it sure looks nice, gets greyish easy though...packing on carpet only really helps. i got solid red and white cells now.