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    Skydive Idaho

    In business since 1964, Star Skydiving Center is located in an old army barracks with an old drag racing strip for a runway. I stopped by on a business trip and was immediately welcomed by a great group of jumpers that went way out of their way to make me feel more like a guest than a customer. This is a great place for new jumpers as it is a private airfield with lots of outs, no outside air traffic, and a very helpful, encouraging, safety-conscious staff. With two Cessnas, they were able to keep both the tandems and the fun jumpers happy all day. The landing area is HUGE, and the facilities are great, but it is the people that make this a truly memorable dropzone. If you are looking for a fun, safe, scenic place to skydive, check out Star Skydiving. I will definitely be back.
  2. When I was working in Albuquerque I brought my rig and was very glad that I did. Every single person that I interacted with whether staff or fun jumpers were extremely friendly and welcoming. With 2 Cessna's they did a great job organizing loads to accomodate fun jumpers and tandems alike. The scenery is fantastic and it was nice to see that they treat their tandems as students, both by providing extensive ground training and by providing them with altimeters and audibles. I would highly recommend stopping by and jumping with the fine folks at Skydive New Mexico.
  3. I was recently in Wichita for work and called ahead to see about jumping while in town. When I showed up at the DZ I was immediately welcomed by everyone (staff members and local fun-jumpers alike) and they all went way out of their way to make sure that I felt like part of the group. My home DZ is in Colorado so on the first load when I made a comment about it being a little harder to get oriented in Kansas without the Rocky Mountains to use as a reference point everyone on the load pointed out features for me to use to make sure I would have no problem honing in on the landing area once under canopy. This was one example among many of the general attitude of the people at "AC/DZ". If and when work brings me back to Wichita, you can bet I will be back to jump with the fine people at Air Capital Drop Zone.