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  1. I also think he built a light wt. rig that was advertised as the Spanish Fly.
  2. does it have nylon inserts in the leg straps and chest strap instead of hardware ? if so I remember this rig . I defiantly remember the velcro patch to close it.
  3. I have jumps on a pursuit from back in the day . A friend of mine made his first 40 or so BASE jumps on a 230 rw version . The Excalibur is more an idea than a reality , just courious about a f 111 crossbraced as a swoop type bridge only canopy . It kind of falls under the catoragy not all ideas are good ideas
  4. If i do that a reline with Dacron will happen first . Probably just wondering would that be cool or what.
  5. I have a 190 Excalibur with only 100 jumps on it ant have always wondered how it would perform in the base environment
  6. check in and tell a story about how well your team did.lets see how many are still jumping.
  7. yea but it makes for good video so it must be needed
  8. In 77 I got a mark 1, navy conical,alti, and a crossbow container, for 300. I learned how to pack the P.C. into my jump masters old super pro and jumped it on my first jump. I bought my first custom rig in 81 custom racer 365 lopo lite 400, and a delta cloud for 850 i think.
  9. i know a rigger that found one in a reserve, it even had a name and phone number for an easy return!!
  10. i have a 135 and can bring it to skys the limit most any weekend as i am an tandem instructor thier
  11. I Think Chucky Mura was using front risers to gain speed to get his clapped out crusair to land in the early 80's at beaver valley outside of pittsburgh pa
  12. I have a baby plane with less than 100 jumps on it, rings and ropes on the top skin 2 ma 1 s at the end. It belonged to D1142 and I am holding it for the museum if they want it after it opens. It is appropriately black and blue.
  13. i would pull down about 6 to 10 inches on my rear risers just before landing like maybe 6 ft. off the ground. did anyone else do this?
  14. been a long time since I thought of Joe Smith
  15. Made my first jump on a mark 1 I had bought In 77. My instructor was a close friend that lived just across the street. He trained me for 2 weeks I even packed for the jump. Man did it ever hit the fan when the DZ owner who was also the pilot look out the door after my friend jumpmastered me then followed me out, and saw 2 PC's.
  16. Any news on the crossed braced crw canopy used by the team from lodi at the nationals?
  17. I recall in 81 or 82 some guy had a r/c sky van a the turkey meet. it would put out several jumpers at the same time. every now and then you would look up and see a malfunction, then realize it was a r/c jumper. i think even the small squares were steerable.
  18. I Jumped one when they first came out that a friend had just bought. I liked it so much I wrote down the serial # and ordered one just like it Except for the color. I have since owned a vector 3 and a Infinity and keep going back to that old Quasar. I just dropped it of last week to have it updated with hard housing's so i could get it back out of mothballs, Stroung Ent. has always had a great rep for servicing there gear after the sale.
  19. Even though it seems smaller it reminds me of a Navion. it has been a long time since I have seen one. I did a bunch of tandoms a a small DZ just outside of Elkton MD in the mid 90's, there was one there kind of slowly disappearing.
  20. Part of the jumpstreet 8 way team? pre pursuit crew so 82 maybe
  21. didn't the knights wear that style hocky helmets for a short while?