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  1. My 50th birthday gift from my kids (and beneficiaries)--skydiving in Elsinore. Mike, Tim and Chad made this jump a JOY, an honest to God exhilirating experience and I was surprised at how UNafraid I was. When I saw how upbeat and friendly the others jumpers were, I joined in the spirit and was ready to be thrilled as well. What a beautiful place to jump--incredible vistas and a cloudless sunny day. The sharp video and still photos made for mementos that will keep the feeling of JOY fresh every time I see them (so I made my mousepad a photo of my jump!) A great way to clear out the cobwebs of my current existence. Maybe I need to be open to the possibility of being afraid in order to experience a life fully alive. Thank you to the staff of Elsinore. (And thanks for the tee shirt which I will wear with pride.)