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  1. I would appreciate being added to your list Skyvemture Arizona- jonjonson -Jon Walker (level 3 tunnel instructor/coach)
  2. Due to the sudden realization that these forums are a joke, I’ll stop participating.
  3. i am jumping at skydive eagles nest in midland, tx
  4. hey man go fuck yourself, I am going to talk to the instructors at my dropzone about my pull time. I just thought i'd ask on here first. "any question is valid" my ass, not when you respond like an asshole. futher more hard deck is not in your glossary link. god damn.
  5. I was taugh to look at my ripcord, then reach, then pull.
  6. pilot chute in tow.... I got it, nevermind on that one. hard deck??? yeah i have never heard of that
  7. it is a ripcord, it is on my chest on the harness.
  8. bare in mind i am a student.... I have turned to my right side at pull time because i drop my should and don't grab enough wind with my left arm and i drop my head. I was thinking on my next jump, I will not look at the ripcord so i don't drop my shoulder. my count might sound like arch 1 arch 2 reach 3 look 4 pull 5 is this a bad idea????
  9. I don't know what a "hard deck" is I also am alittle confused on pc in tow malfunction.
  10. jonjonson


    I try to have lucid dreams. If you wanna have lucid dreams you have to train yourself. for me I write down my phone number often, and if for some reason i can't write it down. (i can't remember it, it comes out wrong,, whatever reason) I know I am dreaming. the problem is when your dreaming you think your awake. you have to start looking for the signs. has anyone seen "waking life" ????
  11. "But men - men are just sex fiends." that is being sexist which is worse than racist
  12. "is there a set numbers of jumps in which most skydivers make mistakes? " i am not talking about getting laid here!! how is this not a skydiving related discussion????
  13. I spoke with a pilot yesterday and he told me that a student pilot is most likely to make mistakes at 300 hours and 800 hours. these are the most confident times. is this true?? is there a set numbers of jumps in which most skydivers make mistakes?