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  1. Spayed? House trained? Pic? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  2. I got a 37, first try. I've played that long ago though. I can't resize the dang screen shot at work so you'll just have to accept that i'm better. I had a way better score going until I played a 5 on the last hole. Dangit!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  3. Ummm I think you should of said "lost". Skymama's #2 stalker -
  4. Hey, there is only room for 2 stalkers!!!!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  5. Lucky number 13. Too much running in soccer, more power to him. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  6. post pics of yourself so that others can have sex with you tonight as well Skymama's #2 stalker -
  7. funny you should say this. I went through all the ads and also found no reason to get up and make the trip as well. If you are in the market for a tv, or cheap laptop, this is your day. All the other stuff will still be there and still be on sale, and possibly more on sale leading up to xmas. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  8. I wouldn't sell my parents house, it's a good house and in a great location in my opinion. Why replace the laminate then? Why would you replace something that has nothing wrong with it, with the same? To me it's which one of these does not belong. You have the updated stainless oven and microwave, nice dishwasher, cabinets will be updated to modern, and then bam, laminate. Hmm interesting choice. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  9. ohhhh hahaha. I forgot to mention they don't exactly agree either. Dad says it's granite or similar and mom is saying it's the granite looking laminate. But, it's really moms money so.............. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  10. very well put. Just have one question for you though. You don't ever try to help your parents out? Or you don't ever give your opinion to your parents? BTW, my kitchen is halfway redone. Working on the plan for the cabinets now. So nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Skymama's #2 stalker -
  11. Just trying to inform them of how things work these days. I did leave saying it's your money, I'm just trying to tell you how to get the most for your money. I tried that hungarian..... I said when people are looking at houses these days they are going to see updated appliances, floor, cabinets, but then what is with the laminate counter top? That went in one ear and out the other because they don't plan on selling the place any time soon. Of all people my mom should see the problem, as her parents house was very very outdated and took pretty much a 200k loss of value when put on the market because the kitchen, the bathrooms, the living room, the sitting room, pretty much everything was outdated and buyers saw that. It's just smart in my opinion to put something more durable and long lasting in than laminate, which is already there as I've said. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  12. Ok so help me out with this. My parents are looking into refinishing their kitchen. The house is coming up on being 15 years old, and there really is nothing wrong with the kitchen, but it's dated and some of the cabinets finish is coming up. The doors are laminated and it's coming up in places. Anyway, so here comes the argument. They want to re face the cabinets and put in new countertops. I ask if they are going granite or corean(sp) or something similar and my mom says she want to put laminate that has a pattern to it, like granite. I said why, why would you replace something with the same thing you have that has nothing wrong with it? Not only that buy why would you not UPDATE your kitchen? When people update the kitchen these days they most times go with the granite or similar. Or am I wrong? I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around why anyone would redo a kitchen and not use granite or similar. My mom even tried to tell me that granite can chip and she was sure that it would happen to her. Mind you the counters she has now don't have a dent, scratch, blemish. I really don't get my parents. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  13. Holy crap!!!! What a deal!! I'll take 3 please. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  14. That sounds pretty awesome. GO YOU!!! Good luck! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  15. go to a plane junkyard and cut that part of the plane off. Take measurements from a real one, work up a plan and build it. I would think you'd want it elevated a little so that you could have a place for the wheel person(s) Skymama's #2 stalker -
  16. Maybe he just doesn't know where the register is Skymama's #2 stalker -
  17. I am denying accepting your snowball. I think you already threw TWO at me. And you keep trying to get me drunk. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  18. Take x-ray's of odd body parts and post em clinic sounds like someplace you go for std's. People don't say i'm going to the chiropractor's clinic down here. You could always plan on facebook Skymama's #2 stalker -
  19. the clinic?? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  20. I'm "working". No clue on the time I get to leave today, but it will be early. I need to find something to do to keep me busy. Maybe I'll look at all the black friday deals. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  21. yup, at meal time, whatever you make noise with when feeding him/her do it, and do it loud outside while calling him/her. If the only thing that makes noise is the food hitting the bowl, then pour food in the bowl as loud as you can, wait, repeat. Used to have a cat that would come running to the sound of a spoon hitting the bottom of a can of food. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  22. what is this dating you speak of? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  23. have a friend working at AT&T right now and says that is the most common thing people come in for. The dang thing is glass!!! Wow, just wow. when you own a phone as expensive as that, pony up the insurance money. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  24. everything you wanted to know, including differing opinions on what food to eat after, but does include the reason dairy should not be eaten, aka ice cream. Great pictures too Skymama's #2 stalker -
  25. Now taking donations for the "let's cover skymamas yard with inflatable decorations". anyone have an Antonio Banderas life size we can toss in there? I worked retail for many an xmas and it tooks it toll on me. Ever since I don't do that shiz anymore I went more and more down hill. This year I'm off to visit my brother who just moved to a new town. The plus is that it's next to some awesome skiing, and close to people I hardly ever see. I'm wondering what type of crowd I'll encounter flying on xmas day? Should be interesting. edit: I can't spell for shiz these days. Skymama's #2 stalker -