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  1. You just made my brain hurt Skymama's #2 stalker -
  2. I'm afraid to try "some" new things I'm trying to figure out why I have the aptitude you speak of and others do not. Was it strictly their upbringing? I don't know about the 50/50 thing. I make good guesses sometimes, at least I think I do. But you do have a point. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  3. because it's not rocket science. No one ever showed me how to change a tire, yet I can do it. Why? Because when it came time to, I said ok, those thingies hold the tire on, and this thingy takes it off. I loosen those thingies and take them off. I jack the car up, take the tire off, put another tire on, tighten thingies back on and done. You know no one ever showed me how to grill a steak, but I was able to do it without being walked through the process. I think people just don't want to try, physical limitations excluded. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  4. attractive yes, because it tells me she isn't a moron, or at least is willing to try to do something herself. Sexy, depends on what she is wearing when she does it Skymama's #2 stalker -
  5. I'm going to have to agree that parents do play a important role in all of this. Although, you can have a girl who is a college graduate who can't change a tire. You can have a guy who is a college graduate who can't make a grilled cheese. I just don't see how one that has to fend for themselves doesn't pick up certain things without the help of a parent. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  6. How to do things typically stereotyped of the opposite sex? Like girls, why don't you know a few things about cars, mainly how to change a tire. Guys, why don't you know how to cook? I grew up watching and observing and learning. Now I don't think my parents ever had a flat tire and changed it in front of me, but I figured it out when I had to. Cooking, I can read, but I guess mom making me help with things here and there gave me a little insight as to how some things are done. It's like laundry, how come some guys and girls don't have a clue? Actually I might already know the answers to all this, but I don't want to be a spence junior and labeled as angry Just wondering how people grow up not to know what I kind of consider simple things. Maybe what I consider simple isn't. I dunno. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  7. I have a question squeakers. On this trip why did you plan on being in the cold places when it's the really cold part of the year? If you are going to be gone a year, I would of hit the warm places in the winter, and cold places in the summer. That is unless you are just wanting to experience the trueness of the places. Maybe you are just scattering yourself about. Just wondering how your route goes and stuff. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  8. Share cookies?? maybe Skymama's #2 stalker -
  9. at least someone else has the sick sense of humor I have. It would of been awesome to bring those to a xmas party this year. Could have decorated santa hats on em and everything. yes I am a twisted fuck. hahaha I have been going through another site that I was linked to from the original site gonna have to get me some of those Shower Power thingies Skymama's #2 stalker -
  10. define fix Skymama's #2 stalker -
  11. whoa!!! Is that a personal attack or an invitation?? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  12. you know how I know you are gay?? lol Kidding calm down, it's a joke, for real, joking. Supposed to be funny. Ok anyway ummm ladies I cook, and I'm single Skymama's #2 stalker -
  13. odd little game. Die Gimp Die!!!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  14. where is much caffeine?? they must not be teaching duck and cover anymore in schools Skymama's #2 stalker -
  15. 2012 (End of Mayan Calendar) end of the known Mayan Calendar Skymama's #2 stalker -
  16. Seems kids are stupid everywhere these days Skymama's #2 stalker -
  17. that's not all you forgot hahahaha tramble?? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  18. Haha, unfortunately no - never made it to DHS because my family moved to Florida when I was in middle school. We lived there from '87 to '94. I did however, attend Bailey, Branch, and Forbes. the school on Payne Ave hadn't (re)opened yet. My house was on Chanute Dr in F Area, which apparently no longer exists. Kind of sad - I have so many great memories of that base. I went to Branch and Forbes, but was there for freshman year of highschool. I knew the guy who burned payne down. ha, he is probably in jail these days. I lived on Mitchell Drive in F. I believe I was there from 87-92. I did hear F is pretty much gone, but they did build a new area that is much nicer than what F was, just not as big. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  19. Well both times I aced the par 4's i'd say it was luck. For some reason all the sudden I was able to get a signifcantly more power in the ball on the first par 4. Then it was figuring out what angle to start at. On both par 4's I zig zag it. So I start off pointing the pointer at about a 45 angle and then let er rip with as much power as I can give it. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  20. First, you're gonna want to call it land scatter just like everyone else does. Next you have to realize that it's in the desert of southern California. As for skydiving, well I'm not sure but I'd say your looking at 1 to 2 hours drive wherever you go. I disagree about Bakersfield being the closest major city. Bakersfield??? seriously?? Anyway, ummm LA is all of about an hour and a half south. San Diego is 3 hours away. I've not been there for ugghhh probably 5 years or more, so I don't know how much it's improved. If the job is good pay and you want to get out of MN, go for it. Just remember, it is in the desert. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  21. Alright Billy, Proof you can ace the first par 4, and I know the 2nd can be done as well. This is my best so far. 23 Skymama's #2 stalker -
  22. Billy, I'm gonna give you a by on this one. How you still got a 3 on one of those par 4's is beyond me, when you do so well other times. So I'll give you an honorary 21. Now get to being productive. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  23. It's happening again. So far i've not seen anything worth a damn though. I've missed most of the day though. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  24. dude, what are you doing on those par 4's??? I figured out how to get a hole in one on the second, but the first one I can't keep the velocity on the ball. Knock some more off that dangit. I see 22 possible for you, and possibly 21 at least. I got a 27 earlier, but have not been able to match since. Skymama's #2 stalker -