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  1. ABCDEFG Humming and vacuuming? Educate us. I think she is talking about her down under parts. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  2. Like you would attend a boogie anyway Skymama's #2 stalker -
  3. You know that launch time and date just isn't going to work for me. Dangit!!! I was hoping to maybe catch it this time. I guess not. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  4. I have a blocker, and work has a blocker, but it made it through those somehow. A link that does that has to be suspicious in itself. Anyway. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  5. That link sucks my balls!!!!! fucking pop ups, and not the good kind, and i'm at work. I'm deeming it NSFW!!!!!! unless you trust the pop ups to be blocked Skymama's #2 stalker -
  6. Sent you a pm. anyone who wants relief feel free to pm me Skymama's #2 stalker -
  7. I used to have allergies pretty much year round but was introduced to a product that has allowed me to have no issues since taking it. The best is it is not a drug, I was not really happy to keep shoving allegra and claritin down my throat, and they didn't really help me at times. The best part is, there are many other benefits of what I take. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  8. that site has some good deals. It definitely doesn't have all of them though. I found a place called Firebirds over near perimeter mall that does $3 drafts on Sunday and $1 sliders till 7. The drafts are all day i believe. they apparently have a $2 draft day, but I forget what day. And they have good stuff on draft. Yuenglinig, Guiness, just to name a few. And you can't smoke till after 10 in there. F yeah!!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  9. If we are trying to keep it marietta area, I'm picking Atkins Park. We could head up to kennesaw to Bailey's Dave and Busters?? they have pool tables, so does bailey's. Like i said, name it, I'll show up. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  10. You know Marietta covers quite a large area. Whatever you guys find I'll show up though. Saturday is a better day, but it's not everyday we get visiting midgets. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  11. I think I have 12 boxes of goodness coming my way. Should be here in a few weeks. I ordered that many in anticipation of being able to eat whatever i fuggin want by then, or at least close to it. What better way to add calories then with a little wholesome goodness!!! mMMMMMMM samoas!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  12. Happy Birthday!! Cake cake eat some cake!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  13. Me to since the pic seems like a screen shot from some computer game..... Or is it just me who think so?? I had to look at it again, and you're right, it does look like CGI and not a real picture. ummmm that picture doesn't even remotely look real. Get your glasses checked people Skymama's #2 stalker -
  14. I'd be down for a few 2 or 3, larger ways preferred. Why waste the aircraft on 4 -10 ways I say. I hear the hill on those things is a bitch. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  15. Might I suggest, merely suggest, that you make a rule that the tent is for packing only. Which means no storing of your gear bag, your cooler, your pets. Nothing but packing weights, if needed. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  16. Happy birthday to Roo Happy birthday to Roo Happy birthday to Rooooooooo Happy birthday to Roo. Eat cake!!!!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  17. ummmm wow, that right there is a little over the top. I mean WTF?? That totally beats the old guy with the old balls with a leg up on the counter blow drying his nutz off. I mean, what, a towel doesn't get those puppies dry enough for you old man? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  18. Unfortunately that's too late. The check was issued earlier in the year - the only reason I even found out about it was because of tax season. I called up the issuing bank and got a copy, and found out it was deposited 9 months ago . Statute appears to be one year, which is why I'm acting quickly. Go to the bank that accepted the check and ask to be put in touch with their fraud department. A teller can not help you in this situation. At the very least you need to be speaking with a branch manager, and even then you need to ask that you have their fraud department involved in any discussion. It may take a little bit of time to get it all dealt with, but you should find that the banks fraud department will take matters a little more seriously than others That's all i got for you. Patience is what you need. Ultimately you are looking for the deposit bank to contact the one who deposited the check and inform them that they have committed fraud. Quite honestly, there was a bit of blind luck in even discovering this in the first place! Ian Skymama's #2 stalker -
  19. Happy Bday to you!! Stalker #1 Skymama's #2 stalker -
  20. I'll try to keep this out of sc. So I don't agree with the delay, but the reason people are not prepared is because they don't have enough converter boxes to give out or sell. Yup, you've got about a million or so people who won't be able to watch tv because of that. So 1million out of 350 million dictates that there should be a delay. The question you should be asking is what is being done during the extension to ensure that the people who need a converter are getting one? They were already given about 2 years to get their act together and didn't. This country is technology retarded. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  21. Rant!!!! Ok so I get my statement from Chase this month and they have decided to charge me a $10 transaction fee. So I call to see what this is all about, as I don't even use the card anymore because I have a decent balance at a promotional rate, and charging anything else will go to the regualar apr and until I pay off the other lower balance it will just keep growing and growing because of finance charges. So anyway. They tell me that my account now will be charge $10 a month for a use fee. I don't even use the thing. They won't take it off. So I say I want to speak to a supervisor. Supervisor says its the fee that will be assessed for my account being open. So do the math people $120 a year for this credit card. Ummmm AMEX is not even that much and they have far better rewards. I mention this, they don't care. They say if I want to transfer my balance and close the account that is the only way that I can avoid the $10 a month. So I tell the lady that the previous lady told me not all cards are being charged this. I said so what you've done is single out the people, like me, who have high balances at a low rate and now you want more money. She said no sir, this is a fee that is going to be charged to anyone with the type of card you have. I said well I don't believe you, sorry. I also asked why did my minimum payment double. They went from 2% minimum due to 5%. I was like is this an industry wide thing or a Chase thing? Not industry, just what Chase has decided to do. Well Fuck you Chase!! Fuck your Fee, Fuck your fucking minimum payment shit. The only reason they are doing this is because they need fucking money because they fucking suck just like every other fuck of a fuck bank who didn't do anything fucking right and now want us to pay for it. Suck my balls!!!! I was already looking at paying this off, most likely with my tax return, but now, it's fucking priority one. And I'll be closing the account as soon as that happens. I looked into transfering it to another account, and if I can pay it off in the next 6 months paying the 10 is cheaper than transfering. So just to let you all know Chase sucks big fucking donkey balls Rant over you may now resume your regular scheduled bonfire posting. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  22. small, and sounds like everyone might be in good condition. whoa though Skymama's #2 stalker -
  23. People are lazy. Many want instant gratification. Some peoples bodies need a push in the right direction. Some peoples hormones are out of whack and need help. I'm not saying don't take pills, i'm saying don't take the shit ones listed on the website I linked to. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  24. agreed. Although there are products that are safe that can aide in weightloss. Just wanted to toss it out, even some of the big brands are not good for you. Skymama's #2 stalker -