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  1. well, i can understand that. you could always train for triathlons and then you can eat all the ice cream you want. Well within reason of course. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  2. wait wait wait!!! Can i ask you why you choose to deny yourself such delight? Lactose intolerant? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  3. Yes, I'm a dick. Enjoy!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  4. get your vag licked?? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  5. I have no idea if this story is true or not. However are you telling me that in all the offices where these "ghetto loans" are being given that there is not one minority or black person employed? I'm betting if someone did actual research they would find that in fact black people do and did work in the offices supplying these loans and more than likely had direct contact with some of the customers. Or I guess it is entirely possible that not one black person works in all those offices. And surely if they did they weren't allowed to know anything about the actual business that was going on there. right?? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  6. No, you won't. I never strung those words together. Misquote!! Misquote!!!!!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  7. of your life and make it better, or worse. enjoy. If you are at work, this has sound, and some words are NSFW, but there are few of them and are justified in context Skymama's #2 stalker -
  8. under new styles, the Zebra Fields are free!!!!!! Seems like a bargain. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  9. Sorry I got nothing for a snazzy title. The default of putting sex in the title surely will get plenty of attention. Follow the linky for your enjoyment. If it is a repost. Ummm i don't really care Skymama's #2 stalker -
  10. This is the best post yet. I had a similar situation where I live, but didn't involve parachuting. Lets just say it was similar. The best course of action for the people being complained against is to see it from the side of the complainer and come up with solutions to make them happy. There is no we are not doing anything wrong, you have made someones life unpleasant and the local government is going to want to know how you plan on making it better for them, not you. Stick to making them happy and it will all work out. Hope the best for all. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  11. Hope we can drag you up to the FARM one weekend for some more learning. I appreciate the time you gave us. Definitely came away with a lot of things I can work on. Gold stars from here on out!!!! hehe Thanks again!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  12. ahhh yup, those fuckers are still at it. seee my previous rant here update to my situation. I'm not sure how, but I also paid my balance in full before the payment due date and was charged interest. I'm not sure how that is actually possible. I've never had interest charged to me for paying the balance of the statement. Anyway, it was 7 bucks. I paid it, waited a few days, called them and canceled. Seems they must be used to the cancel these days because there was no struggle to keep me. CHASE BANK CAN SUCK THE BALLS!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  13. Wanna pet my monkey? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  14. That stuff is piss!!!! i gots my own stuff that won't have me up and then down. to each his own. At least early in the morning there isn't much traffic. Gotta watch those cops though on 75 south below the city, they like to hide just on the other side of the hills. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  15. QuoteThe “official” camp will start Saturday morning. How’s 9:00 in your r.w. suit with jump tickets? Plan on 5 – 7 jumps. If you have more than one r.w. suit bring it, if you have weights bring them to! reply] Worth repeating I think. Looks like I'll be leaving early Saturday morning to get there. Real early Saturday morning. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  16. check last years thread Andy, same thing. Only difference is it was started earlier. Things to look into, that helicopter guy charging $70 for beach tours, one wonders if he will take the time to take 2 jumpers to 5k for the same amount. Guessing that would make him a tad more money than flying tourists along the beach all day. Also, renting a school bus or some other very large vehicle to make the drive back from the beach far more enjoyable. That could be cost prohibitive though. Maybe the farm won't miss the bus for a weekend Beach jumps!!!!!!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  17. Happy Birthday!!! Eat Cake, lovely tasty cake!! Skymama's #2 stalker -
  18. This is funny.. considering how many times Beth and I have "slept" together. I was there for at least one of these times. And I do recall you both being in my bed at once one time Skymama's #2 stalker -
  19. Didn't you see on the news yesterday, there is a new sight for people like you that eharmony made. Wait, you could kick my ass. Just kidding Skymama's #2 stalker -
  20. Ahh good, someone with touch paul priveleges. Wouldn't of been much fun without such. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  21. I'd like to participate in this camp. Hope to make it down for this. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  22. I don't give a flying fuck. I am getting another one, far better reward system for me. My credit rating is just fine. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  23. So, I just wanted to bring this back up. About a month ago I read an article that said people like me were the only ones that are being charged the $10 fee and had their minimum payment more than doubled. Proving that I was lied to. Now this. Haha!!!!! FUCK YOU CHASE!!!! FUCK YOU RIGHT IN THE FUCKING EYE!!!!!!! and just FYI, my chase card will be paid off in full as of this coming saturday, and card is being canceled on Monday. Suck it Chase!!! Skymama's #2 stalker -