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  1. just for you butters, just for you Skymama's #2 stalker -
  2. MC Pee Pants at his best. hahaha Skymama's #2 stalker -
  3. The differece between needs and wants is best illustrated in the two below songs. Enjoy. I want candy, bubble gum, and taffy Skip to the sweet shop with my sweetheart Sandy Got my pennies saved so I'm her sugar daddy I'm her Hume Cronyn and she's my Jessica Tandy, I want candy! put it in a pile, split it with my bitty 50/50 down the line kinda like close encounters of the cavity kind im talkin liquorice kisses, talkin chocodile smiles I want candy, i got a sugar tooth put on your shin gaurds, Sandy, 'cause i wanna knock boots lick my peppermint stick til' the lollipop droops gumdrop that dont stop til' its licked knot loose (ladies) candy... candy... i need candy bubble gum, and taffy get in my way punk, you're gonna get ya ass beat, nasty Do it till your dad sees, embarass your family Just 'cause you came between a kid and his candy I need candy, any kind'll do Don't care if it's nutritious or "FDA approved" It's gonna make me spaz like bobcats on booze A hyperactive juice that only I can produce And fuel a giant drill, bore straight into Hell Releasing ancient demons from their sleep forever spell So they can walk upon the earth, and get resituated And Hock the diet pills that MC Pee Pants has created I need candy, want some candy, eat candy til' I'm dead I'll kill you for some candy, give me candy, gimme head! Where you keepin' all the candy?! Who made you candy king?! If you dont give me some candy, I will make the ladies sing! (ladies) Candy, in tha morning, candy on the way to school Candy, at school, at lunch in the afternoon Candy, in school, on your way home from school Candy, at diner,at dinner, in bed! Mess up the mix, mix up the mess Come on down yo, here's the address At 6-1-2 Wharf Avenue, Right next to, gentlemen's club. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  4. I'd like to focus on the last part of your statement. How did you become successful in life, love, world travel? And the most important how did you become successful, at 24, financially? From what you've written it doesn't sound like any of that is true. Well it could be for you, as everyone has their own definition of successful. The human species is a burden on this planet and the other creatures that inhabit it. Such is what comes from technology. I'd like to think that technology will allow us to impact Earth less in the future. Who knows though. I'm not sure that you truly understand how life as we know it works. The world has a lot of lazy people, so farmers grow their food. Not everyone can build things, so we have manufacturers. We need people to sell you the food that the farmer made, so we need stores, and in those stores we need people/employees to help you, because your lazy, find what you need as well as keep things you need on the shelves. This whole "model" if you will spills over into other aspects of life, called jobs, and careers. Feel free to go back to killing your own food, living in a cave or hut with no electricity, no plumbing, no light, no heat (except fire). I need to have the things like a modern home, food, electricity, heat. And if I didn't need them, I sure as hell would want them. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  5. I think you meant to say keepdown. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  6. Start collecting evidence now. Take video, record the noise, take it to management. If they won't help, threaten to file a lawsuit. Sure it will just be a threat, but if they still don't act, consult a lawyer about what you can do. My best advice is move before the "teenagers" do something stupid and you pay for it. It will happen. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  7. Are you sure that is what HE wants? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  8. I'm surprised you didn't comment on the play now button looking like a condom being put on something. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  9. Can you give me your height and weight? I need to see if you'll fit in the building's incinerator. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  10. $10,561 I have to say I was just guessing on some. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  11. Good luck. You should be able to complain to the property manager of the apartments. They have rules and regulations they must uphold. If they don't well..... I hope you have a better outcome than I did when trying to deal with such situation in the correct manner. You might be best off baking a cake with some type of special ingredient and leaving it on their doorstep. Just make sure you pay cash for that cake. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  12. Drugs would not be the answer here. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  13. I have a well, bad astigmatism. I have 20/20 vison with contacts and with 2 year old glasses. Might be time to get a second opinion, or a new prescription. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  14. yup understood. However a very valid question is when did you last have your presription changed? Also Lasik won't correct most if not all the things you described. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  15. Yeah I have the same question. You say it's 20/32 with glasses on. You do know that you can need a new prescription every year right? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  16. I've had Chipotle, Moe's and Willy's. Of those 3 Willy's wins hands down. I believe Willy's is only an atlanta area thing though. I've yet to have a burrito worth a damn at any mexican restaurant. Of course those are probably more authentic. I like my americanized burritos Skymama's #2 stalker -
  17. We take better than 1000ft to reach terminal. How do you know the balloon was at that? How fast do you think a person falls jumping from 200 ft? The balloon was close enough. And if you watched any of the videos posted, I'm betting the "muzzle" velocity of those launched balloons is possibly as fast if not faster than terminal for a balloon. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  18. They are OK to bring you sammiches and Beer and some are nice to look at.. Just dont let them touch you or talk to you or anything like that... and for Gods sake... whatever you do... DO NOT try to keep one. They bite. and not always in the good way. If you don’t believe me.. Try to keep one. You will soon understand. ahhhh i see What if you've been bitten by more than one though, does it make you immune, or at least have a built up tolerance? Skymama's #2 stalker -
  19. So am I to understand we don't have one person who jumps at Colorado skydiving center that posts on here?? Gee people............stop picking on the newbies. All it took was a phone call to the DZ. In fact, I'm going to try and head out to Boulder on Sunday and show her a little support. That is all i was trying to do. People are so suspect on here it's ridic. It seemed to me that if she was legit that someone would know of her as much as she has said she's been at the DZ. I hope the best for her. I could have never made it through college if I was trying to support skydiving. Some people find a way though. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  20. WTF - What the Fuck I'm gonna have to say WTF to your post. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  21. I thought you said redheads were like playing wire fire and to stay away from them. I see how it is. You're just trying to get all the redheads for yourself. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  22. For cold I like Jersey Mike's For hot Quiznos. MMMM mmmm toasty Schlotzky's (sp) isn't readily available around me, but I remember it being pretty good. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  23. Part of me does Skymama's #2 stalker -
  24. We would like to have a little captain in us, but we are too old to stand on one leg. Skymama's #2 stalker -
  25. Interesting, very interesting. I'm going to have to say though what type of workout are we talking about here? I can buy that stretching a bunch can affect trying to bench press a high load. Same goes for any other exercise. However, what if the athlete in question is doing low weights high reps, for endurance. I'm not so inclined to buy that stretching is bad in this instance. I have done reps with increased speed to build endurance and I am pretty sure without stretching a tear would be more likely to happen. I was taught a while back to not overly stretch before a workout though. Get the blood flowing and give the muscles a little stretch, but maxing out your stretch before the workout is a bad idea. Maybe that is what it's saying though. How would that be anything new though? A gym/health teacher taught me that years and years ago. Skymama's #2 stalker -