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  1. A couple years ago I started a little fund at Charles Schwab to put a little college money together for the twins. So far have about $1,500 for each of the girls (in a 529 fund). Anyone who is interested in throwing in a few dollars, email me and we will make it happen. It may not carry them all the way but at least it is something. Randy Frazier [email protected]
  2. I don't post much (maybe never)- but I wanted to say a few things about Tom. I think Bon-Bon and Tall Guy very eloquently hit the nail on the heaad in relating what a great person Tom was. I was fortunate to get to jump with Tom on a whole bunch of tandems--and he was a CLASS ACT. Like TG said--Tom NEVER had a bad word for anyone. I will always remember him for that--and try to integrate that trait into my own life. I will miss him very much-and never forget him. As someone told me today Tom was one of those rare people (much like Shannon) who personified "Byron Love". Blue Skies Tom (& Shannon)... :-( Randy