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  1. Hello, I have a video that was shot and then the videographer added music to it later. When I bring the video into Vegas Pro 8 it has one video track and one audio track. The audio track looks to be in 2 parts (top, bottom) and I am wondering if it is possible to delete the music that was previously added. I want to replace the music but keep the original audio of the humans talking. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  2. I just spoke with John at Hollister and he said that I was able to jump while on "solo status". I am looking forward to the reaction of my father while we take the ride to altitude and as he experiences his first tandem skydive. He is 71 years old and says he is looking forward to it. I have never seen my father nervous, this will be interesting. I have yet to see him totally exhilarated either, which I am expecting to experience when he touches down. Thanks for the replies.
  3. How many jumps do U.S. soldiers undergo before they become a paratrooper? I am guessing it is over the 100 mark? I am also curious as to the number of training jumps that they do in a day and for how long?
  4. After one is cleared to "solo status", are you allowed to jump at different DZ's? I am doing my student progression at a S-L DZ and will be taking my father to Hollister so that he can do his first tandem. I would like to jump while I am there. What are the regulations of a "solo status" jumper? I'm in the Northwest and my DZ is closed until Friday. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the replies. I was sent some information from Brian Pangburn, which I will paste below. This maybe already posted, I thought I would post it anyway...................... 100-Way Canopy Formation World Record Skydive A new world record has been set at the Florida Skydiving Center at Lake Wales, Florida USA on November 21st, 2007. One hundred parachutists linked up under parachute to form the largest parachute diamond formation ever created. The parachutists came from 14 countries to participate on the record skydive. The skydivers utilized five aircraft, the first dropping nine jumpers from an altitude of 20,000 feet. The second dropped the next 27 jumpers from an altitude of 18,000 feet. The third aircraft dropped jumpers from 16,000 feet and the final two aircraft dropped the remaining jumpers from 13,000 feet. The formation took approximately 11 minutes and 30 seconds to build and was held for 12 seconds. It was completed on the fifth attempt and captured on HD video by seven videographers/photographers. The formation was 290 feet (88 meters) tall and 175 feet (53 meters) wide. (The size of a football field) The formation weighed 20,388 pounds (9,230 kilos). In comparison 6 Ford Mustangs weigh only 19,500 pounds. A 747-400 jet is only 231 feet long. The Wright brothers first flight was almost one third the distance as the formation is tall. Miami Air Traffic Control Center could monitor the formation on radar to keep other aircraft from coming into close proximity to the formation. People Country 56 United States 7 Australia 7 Germany 6 Netherlands 6 Great Britain 5 Russia 3 Canada 2 Brazil 2 Egypt 2 France 1 Argentina 1 Belarus 1 Belgium 1 Finland
  6. I was recently sent a video of the 81-way canopy formation world record. The title of the email was (Army version of a kite). I believe this title to be wrongly named. Was this event put on by the Army or did they have any affiliation with this event? I was also wondering how many countries were represented in the 81-way and also the new 100-way? Thank you
  7. Thanks for the posts. I found http://adds.aviationweather.noaa.gov/metars/ ,using the TRANSLATE option, to be the easiest to read since I do not know the pilot terminology / script. Thank you Vanderhoof1 and others.
  8. Where does one go to get current ceiling height information for their DZ location? (website)
  9. Do you have a pic for us? I'm referring to the new jumpsuit, of course.
  10. This would be interesting for large formations! Maybe? Interesting plane
  11. Static Line Interactive login problem??? I registered with this site, I then received an email that said I had to have my parent or guardian sign and return by fax. I have never seen this on a site. I am 36 years old, WTF?? There is no avenue to contact Administrator without being logged in. This seems odd to me. Has anyone else dealt with this?
  12. Now you got my mind going. Post the info or answer that you found, so then I will know the answer.Thanks
  13. Is the X-ray card a form of proof of what is inside? Is the cypress not to be X-rayed because of malfunction? Or am I totally OFF?
  14. I like your view NWFLYER, No I am not the dad, so maybe it is not my business. I only ask because a few friends expressed concern, and from what I know from the norm is that after 2 years may be a rarity. It sounds odd to be 3 and still breast feeding, I can;t imagine being 6. I wonder what the psychological effects are on those children as they grow older? I've heard of it being illegal after a certain age. Easy does it.
  15. That's funny, but really. Don't you think that child will have problems when he gets older?
  16. I know a person who is still breast feeding their child who will be 3 years old this week. At what age is too old? This woman is nuts.
  17. After reading the "Cessna rate of climb" post, I am curious on your thoughts of how the Pilatus Porter compares with the C-182 as far as rate of climb, fuel consumption, etc. I realize there are a few variables as to the configuration of both aircraft, but generally speaking.
  18. Try these. They seem pretty cool. I'm looking at buying one for my Sturgis run on the motorcycle this year. You can have the recorder in your fanny pack with a remote recorder button. [http://www.viosport.com/]
  19. I was a carpenter/foreman for the past 13 years, after second back injury I am having to change careers. I am 32 and will be going back to school in Spring '06 for business. I am also taking Autocad on the side. I haven't jumped in 2 years, but after recovery I plan making skydiving my number one source of entertainment, actually a necessity. Skydiving has been a goal which has kept me going through this injury and career change. It is the single thing that I look forward to. Merry X-mas and Happy New Year to everyone.
  20. Thank you for the replies. I understand. It sure is nice to be able to ask a question and get good, quick feedback. Happy falls.
  21. I have just watched the Skydiving Survival Series videos and while watching the breakaway section, I've noticed that on some reserve chutes the PC disconnects after the reserve is open, some don't. What is the reason for this? Yes, I am a newbie. I haven't jumped in 2 years because of back injury (non-related) and I am trying to learn and understand everything I can. I am anxiously waiting to buy gear in 6 months and persue my passion, it's all I think about.....oh well. Thanks for the reply.