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  1. The articles referencing this jump say it will air live at 8 p.m. Eastern.
    Xfinity shows it appearing on FOX at 8 p.m. Pacific.
    Is the time delay 3 hours? Does anyone know of it appearing live at 5 p.m. Pacific time?

  2. I saw this car that was parked near me today and I was wondering if someone could translate? Picture attached and yes that is the windshield!

  3. L & B Viso II+ states that it records max speed in freefall as well as under canopy. Does it only record fastest speed? I am wondering if I could determine my canopy forward speed, e.g. forward speed before flaring with no ground wind?

  4. Thanks for the link Akarunway. I myself do carry concealed and have done so for the past 21 years, since I was legal to do so.
    I just got home tonight from the movies, where I asked the manager what the reason for the bag checks were. He stated the obvious that it was for safety. I told him of my mothers experience in Ca. and asked if they had the same policy. I asked about mace specifically and he did not know what that was, I then reiterated with pepper spray, then he knew.
    No-where on the ticket counter or entrance doors is there any mention of prohibiting guns, knives, pepper spray etc. I asked if artificial rights trumped natural rights and he replied by stating that the lawyers said that they are right.
    I understand that it is private property but I find it rather odd that they will deny you entrance when there is no physical sign that states certain items are not allowed.
    I think it's all about money and they are just discouraging people from bringing in their own restaurant!

  5. My mother who is 67 years old and lives in California was told that she had to discard her mace or she was not allowed in the theater!
    As she gave the attendant her ticket she was asked to open her purse, when she did the attendant tried to put his hands in her purse. She told him no and then he looked in and told her she couldn't go in unless she got rid of it. The attendant was very rude and abrupt. So she went back out to the car and when she returned she asked to speak to the manager. They walked to the front of the line where ladies were being let through carrying purses and shopping bags from nearby stores. There was now a different attendant and no bags were being searched. This procedure is absolutely absurd!
    Anybody else with similar experiences at Regal Cinemas?

    Don't check your rights at the door!

  6. I was using the DZ locator and was searching in the Colorado area when I clicked on one of the locations the page said that it had been "Hacked". I did a google search of the web address to check again and it was the same message. I've never come across this before. Does this drop zone really exist?

    Pics attached!

  7. I use Firefox browser. I just updated to 31.0 but was having the same problem with previous version. I have a layout problem that is only present on two web pages. The first pic you will see text which overlaps pictures, or vice versa. The second page is where the drop down menus appear a couple inches to the left of the subject button.
    This problem only happens on these two sites.
    Any help or remedies is appreciated.

    Thank you