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  1. Hard to believe 8 years yesterday. I'm still loving you, and miss you my friend. Your girls are now beautiful women. I will never forget....
  2. LOL You are still so entertaining! Hugs to all..... B2
  3. I'm still missing you...I would like to think that you, Tonto,Ash and a host of others are conducting copious amounts of the old "nig-noggery" in fashion. Besos
  4. Damn. Blue sequin dress Bry...See you when I there.
  5. Oh my! It's been forever! It looks like old school...
  6. I say yes ...and good on you Lisa! I wish you happiness always and treasure the memories we built
  7. OMG one of the true classics! That still makes me laugh to this day. I loves ya Skreamer!!!
  8. Lordy! It's a Monkey reunion in here! BB waves to Mouth
  9. Belated Happy Everything eeneR!
  10. Oh how wonderful!! So very happy for you both. Welcome Liam!
  11. Anything below 75 is winter!!! Brrrrrr LOL
  12. bbarnhouse


    I felt like Dorothy!
  13. I remember saying the Pledge Of Allegiance every morning in school before class started; the raising of the U.S. flag ceremony every morning, celebrating Christmas and NOT having to press 2 for English.
  14. bbarnhouse


    No doubt about it!! TimTam SLAM!!!
  15. Way to go Dave! Remember falling like a safe and "But I'm the base!" LOL I will never forget and I still laugh about that Take care whatever you do! B2