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  1. From personal experience, anytime I use USPS for international, I always have problems whether its with the customs forms or losing a shipment or not providing tracking. Try UPS or FEDEX although they are more expensive, they get the job done. There is a reason why USPS charges $50 to ship a canopy to the UK and UPS/FX charge about $140.
  2. I had a hornet - for about 10 jumps. First 5 were hard. On the sixth one, a buddy used it for a video jump. Needless to say he didn't jump the rest of the weekend. It slammed him soooo hard. The consensus on the Hornets is that you will find half the people say the openings are soft, the other half complain they are hard. This is because PISA actually manufactured two different types of Hornets. The earlier version featured a smaller slider, and those canopies (pre-2001 I believe) are the whackers. The ones made after 2001 had a bigger slider and perhaps some other adjustments. Those hornets opened nicely. Do a search and you can read more about this. If anything, put a pocket on the slider or a bigger slider all together should solve your problem.
  3. I found I got around a 500-800 ft opening on my Spectre. They were pretty much all on heading and sniveled long enough....If you pack it right, it will open good every time.
  4. From what I've gathered, the following are fact: Storm has more flare power than Spectre, especially towards the botom. Storm has slightly longer recovery arc than spectre. Storm has faster forward speed. I would not be surprised if it had a steeper glide, but do not know this for fact. The PD writeup says "it will feel like you are coming at the ground quicker on landing" which to me says more ground hungry, so yeah you are moving forward faster, but down faster also....Still trying to figure out why they just didn't advertise it as a Spectre on steroids.
  5. Way too many pack volume numbers floating around...Anyone have first hand experience as to how much bigger or smaller they pack up compared to PD? Someone told me that PD uses different attachment point mterial that adds alot of bulk, I wonder if this is true. I have a Smart 120 going into a Javeling NJ (pre-k) with a Vigil...Previously had a PD 126R w/o AAD and it packed up REALLY tight. I could personally never get it in. Thanks in advance!
  6. I bought a Rawa camera helmet from him he's one of the only distributors who stocks them and he has the best prices on these hard to get helmets in the entire country. I wish he advertised it more. Needless to say he shipped it on Saturday and I had it on Monday. Thanks Mike
  7. Three or four people in this thread have said the Safire2 will dive longer/take longer to recover than a XF2. Can a XF1 or 2 flier chime in here?
  8. Anyone I've ever seen get the blue/purple HMA's has not come back for seconds when the next reline is due.
  9. I would like to make a donation in the amount of $500 to help Rich reach his goal. It is a worthy cause, having recently lost a family member from several different types of cancer, leukemia, and anemia.
  10. Hey everyone, I will be packing for Cathy during the boogie...I also play guitar and drums, so if anyone else plays an instrument, maybe we can put on a bit of a show if its ok with Cspence and Cathy? Dunno what they have planned for music. I'm excited I hope everyone else is.
  11. Yes he's on a 135. He is also jumping in Kenya. In other words, he is making light of the whole situation and joking around-not really on a 135 lol Figured I would clear this up before it gets outta control. Cheers marko
  12. Can I post the PM on this thread???? That would be great.
  13. cut off on final TWICE?!?!?! Thats unbelievable. I've never heard of that before...Can you teach me this "slowish-flare-transition-turn-to-partial-flare" that you did at 40ft? Sounds amazing... You say "flame away, I'm used to it". Do you think there is a reason perhaps why you get flamed when you make posts like this? You sound like a 12 year old. I would love to meet this S&TA that RECOMMENDED you load your canopy @ 1.26 JUST off AFF with 28 jumps. You are out of your mind.
  14. Marko it's chops what up? I hope you know you are getting away with murder here! (don't take that the wrong way) ...Keep this in mind: I've been in this sport 6 years longer than you, have more jumps, WORK at the DZ you jump at yet I still did not start flying camera until OVER 200 jumps, and currently have a LOWER wingloading than you...I actually got rid of my Stiletto to fly a Spectre instead... This isn't because I had some old staff member at SDLI in my ear ORDERING me to do those things, it's because I hung around those guys all day long and LISTENED to there suggestions and I took them very seriously. I realized that there is a REASON for all these seemingly conservative guidlines...They know what they are talking about. Believe me, I wanna fly a fast canopy and start super-swooping ASAP too, but there is a right and wrong way to do it is what I think is trying to be conveyed to you in this thread....Ultimately, the choice is yours though...Please don't think I'm coming down on you, just constructive criticism from someone who knows you and your capabilities. We are very lucky to have people like Rich to give us this advice. Many DZ's do not. He, of all people, knows his shit frontwards and backwards and would not steer you wrong. BTW, I also have ALOT of your landings on tape if you want them. Just let me know.