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Gear Reviews posted by WooHoo

  1. I am very much a newbie, have been keen to buy my own rig, however have been getting a ton of good advice about canopies. Recently I was able to jump a Spectre for the first time. I was told to expect softer openings than I had been used to on the Sabre 210 that I had jumped previously.

    I noticed that it took longer to deploy, but was soft and always opened on heading. In flight it took more toggle pressure to initiate turns, but I soon got the hang of it. The turns felt very positive, and the canopy ride felt very stable in some bumpy air I experienced.

    The landing for me was a learning curve, and after two crash bang Tom and Jerry style landings I got the hang of the flare, and was able to land in zero wind atmy DZ which is 2000 ASL, on two feet, (with run off).

    I hope to demo the Pilot, and the Sabre 2 as wellas the Safire, but I loved this canopy.