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    Complete rig with Cypres Jumpshack Racer 2K3 #19403 Mfd May04 PD 176R #176R6038 Mfd Mar94 Airtec Cypres2 #17004 Mfd Jul05 Also had a Gray, Blue, Yellow Spectre 170 Main
  2. THey don't call them "Jubblies" for nothin.
  3. And calling a dead man a "self-centered prick" has no place in learning from an incident nor is it even decent. In person it would normally get your ass beat. Too bad I am on the opposite side o the planet right now.
  4. No and I am NOT drinking Baileys from a shoe either!
  5. Not yet anyway...........but obviously by thinking that Danny was just an idiot and a "Selfish-Prick" YOU could NEVER make the same mistake. In fact I bet you have NEVER made a mistake that put anyone else in danger. Right? I'm sure you are infallible. Perfect I'm sure.
  6. I don't think so...........but try spell checking.
  7. The fact that I have to read a thread disparaging a good friend of mine after he is dead from some one is pretty annoying. It's a bit hard to swallow. In my opinion this thread should be deleted. ~edited by skymama
  8. I miss it when you aren't around too. It's not easy to find someone as easy to make fun of as you are.
  9. I can only say that I found that "STRANGE."
  10. freeflir29

    Humor Me

    I feel your pain. I'm working but I would REALLY rather be working at something else. Just 2 1/2 more days...........
  11. Just make sure you can simultaneously balance the ash tray on your ass and it'll work out I think.
  12. Kids these days.............
  13. Spectre230................long time no see.........
  14. Oh please..............she has the kind I like. One on the left and one on the right!
  15. No.............but I have one for sale. Would you like that one?
  16. mean there is actually something that DOESN'T suck in Kansas. How about that........
  17. Damn.............with this thread title I figured this HAD to be about ME!
  18. Does your ass come with a cup holder?
  19. I voted NO because Beth's are evil. They make me want to buy her a house.
  20. It's an advertising "technique."