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  1. Daz was a great mate of mine... We did our Tandem Instructors Course together and I KNEW he was a mate because he was ALWAYS abusive to me! LOL Daz is now in perpetual freefall and I KNOW he is teaching the angels the blocks ans randoms! Fly free and enjoy Daz mate. You are sorely missed and loved by many. Respect dude Phill
  2. I saw a couple of Firefly Suits and was impressed, so I ordered one for myself - mainly for use on tandems. I was so impressed with the suit when It arrived that I ordered a further 18 suits for the Royal Navy Demonstration Parachute Team. Throughout, Sherry was MORE than helpful. The only dowside that I found was mostly due to me making a mistake in not reading the garment care label. My suit is navy blue with red/white stripes. I washed the pants on the coolest, most gentle wash on my machine... The white stripes went a yucky purple - I called Sherry, ordered a new set of white striping and set about un-picking the now purple ones... Boy! does she build them good! The new strips arrived a couple of days later. A LOT of unpicking and a bit of sewing later, my suit is looking good as new. Thanks Sherry!! GREAT SUITS! (Just remember to dry clean 'em!)
  3. I first saw this DZ when it was being run oout of the back of the (Former) owners car - Oh boy has it changed since! Any DZ that can boast purpose built facilities, an on-site bar (with WICKED hours!) and club members that all pull together... can't be all that bad can it? When you wake up in the morning with the baggiest head this side of the black stump, what do you want? (other than the hair of the dog?) A nice warm shower! The showers in the clubhouse are hot enough and powerfull enough to take your skin off! Get yourself together, get in the plane and the humour level really kicks in - if you're really lucky, they'll even let you climb out onto the rail of the Islander a mile or more early, shut the door on you and let you enjoy the "bracing" Scottish temperatures. I guess the up side was that they then bought me a cup of tea for having given them a bit of a giggle! The friendliness is second to none, the welcome is HUGE and the is NO 'cliquieness' Unlike another Scottish DZ that begins "ST"! Yeah, the weather can be a bit "iffy" but who cares when you've got a bar like that!? I CANNOT recommend this DZ highly enough.