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  1. You said you're not wearing a jumpsuit -- are you still jumping borrowed/rental/student gear, or do you have a rig that fits you well? The more outside the "average" you are size wise the more important it is you have a jumpsuit and rig that fit well. It will make a huge difference for you. A tight fitting RW suit with nylon front, spandex back, and booties will serve you well for many years to come. Invest in one that fits well as soon as you can. Used is ok IF it fits you well. The suggestions above about fall rate drills were also good, but you need a good fitting jumpsuit to both help your fall rate and give you consistency from jump to jump. If you wear jeans some jumps, sorts others, tight t-shirts sometimes, looser ones other times then you are constantly changing your flying surface and it will take much longer to develop good fall rate skills.
  2. If you are so miserable here, go back to Iran.
  3. I also recommend actually weighing yourself with skydiving shoes/helmet/altimeter/jumpsuit/rig the size you're thinking about. I suspect you'll find it adds up to 5-10 pounds more than you're allowing.
  4. The book was definitely better, but I still enjoyed the movie.
  5. I do, but audibles books are expensive...I'm not paying $15 for what I can get for $7 in paperback. But, if you or anybody else know of any cheaper places for downloadable books, I'm all ears.
  6. I owned 2 Hornets and both of them opened and flared quite nicely. I was very happy with them. Toggle turns were a little less snappy than the Pilot, but I never had any complaints about either of my Hornets. **Disclaimer: they were a 170 and a 150, both loaded at less than 1:1, and both were late model Hornets. I can't speak for ones that were made earlier or loaded more heavily.
  7. So I ignored this article the first few times I saw the link, but finally clicked on it. Turns out this guy used to be one of my professors!!
  8. CV (or Curriculum vitae) is a latin expression which can be loosely translated as [the] course of [my] life. In the UK, it's called a CV; in the States and Canada, I believe the Anglos call it a resume. ie: what you use to apply for a job. In the US we have both CV's and resumes. Similar in purpose, but quite different in appearance. CV's are much longer and more detailed, and tend to be used for certain kinds of jobs - like those in academia. Resumes I believe are much more common (although I haven't had one since I was 20 and needed it to show the insurance company for a job I already had... I'm in a CV field).
  9. I've gotten 2 groups, but neither of them actually knocked or rang the doorbell. They just kind of stood there looking at my door until I heard them and went out.
  10. I have it (the Bev Suit version in one jumpsuit and the Tony Suit version in another) and would definitely get it again. But the fronts of both of my jumpsuits are Nylon and would not be comfortable without some sort of lining. I don't know if I'd be so willing to pay extra for it if I had a suit with a cotton front.
  11. I'm guessing I'd get in trouble if I told my students this?
  12. Off topic, but you might want to weight yourself with all your gear on - you may be surprised. I'd guess that if you're 135 without gear you're closer to 160 with. My rig alone (with Pilot 117 and Optimum 126 in it) weighs 20 pounds and the rest of my gear adds another 5.
  13. Hello Kenny! Welcome to As an AFF student you'll find it very useful for entertainment, wasting large amounts of time, and possibly looking through the classifieds (while consulting with those at Tecumseh who are advising you on gear). Please don't listen to/take/try any advice/suggestions given here until you have learned how to filter through it and throw out all the trash. There is a lot. Some advice here is very good, some is very bad, and some is good for more experienced people but not appropriate for you. In time you'll learn the difference, but that will take a while.