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  1. AllisonH

    Go around vid It's SDC Rhythm
  2. AllisonH

    How much are you staff slots?

    Whatever the regular jump ticket price is - I think it was $24 for 13-14K Otter jumps last year.
  3. AllisonH

    my tiny head and XXS factory diver

    I have one, and it's super tiny!! I have an XS Oxygn that fits pretty well but it makes me look like a bobble head doll, so I tried on a regular XS factory diver and then ordered the "small shell" version of the XS (which is labeled as XXS - apparently they're termed Junior Factory Divers and they do require different replacement lenses that most places don't stock). I pulled out part of the liner, did a little plastic surgery with a utility knife before I stuck it back in, and now it fits great and still looks pretty decent. However, there is absolutely no way I could have worn it straight out of the box!
  4. AllisonH

    Full face helmet sizing

    I own helmets in size XS and size M that fit well - sizing varies a lot between brands and even between models in the same brand. Especially with a full face, you'll find that different helmets will fit different head shapes better. I would strongly recommend trying one on (by putting on a friend's at the DZ or while visiting a larger DZ or some manufacturers can send demos). If that's not possible, make sure to order something that's a stock color/size so you can return it if it doesn't work.
  5. AllisonH

    Full-Face helmet for kids

    SkySystems has a junior sized factory diver. I think it's available in 2 sizes, both of them smaller than their regular size XS.
  6. Your A license will still be valid, but you'll need to do recurrency training. There are some more specifics on that in the SIM -- it's worth having a look at. What the recurrency training entails varies a lot from dropzone to dropzone, so you'd need to get in touch with an instructor at the place you want to jump and see what they'll require.
  7. AllisonH

    Best Bunkhouse Nominations

    I've only stayed in a few, but I found the IHOP at Perris and the bunkhouse at Eloy to be good places to stay. The IHOP is nice because, being a real house, it has real bathrooms (though only 2?) and more ammenities. It was especially nice when I stayed there because the 4 bed room I stayed in had only 1 other person in it. At Eloy, I like that the bunkhouse is so close to both the bathrooms/showerhouse and to the hangar. The heavy duty privacy curtains on each bunk are also nice, and they're built in a way that the mattress doesn't take up quite the whole bunk, so it's easy to stash water, phone, book, etc. in the extra space.
  8. AllisonH

    Another New Person/Questions

    You won't go wrong with either SDC or CSC. The atmosphere or "feel" is very different between the two, but both are great places to jump. Both have high quality student gear and instructors, and great planes. It's simpler if you pick one of them and stick with it until you get your A license, then make sure to check them both out.
  9. AllisonH

    my email account

    Did you empty the deleted messages folder too? That counts toward your capacity.
  10. AllisonH

    Smallish Canopy for Beginner

    Is 180 your weight with or without gear on? Remember that gear in that size range adds around 25 pounds to your weight. What do your instructors recommend you look at?
  11. AllisonH

    Soft reserve handle?

    You can buy a new reserve ripcord with a soft handle from the rig manufacturer.
  12. AllisonH

    Been offered a Pro Dytter - Is it worth buying?

    If you're just looking for an audible and not all the other features, Pro Dytters are great. I got a good deal on one and have never had the desire to get one of the "fancier" ones. I simply wouldn't use the data they give often enough to justify the price.
  13. AllisonH

    factory diver size?

    The shells are the same, sizing is determined by the liner, so just check their sizing chart. Not sure how easy it is to replace factory diver liners, but give SkySystems a call/e-mail.
  14. AllisonH

    Z1 Freefly helmet

    I have one in my closet somewhere - nothing wrong with it, just wear my full face almost all the time now. I would highly recommend trying one on for sizing before buying. They run a little small. My size medium Z1 open face fits about the same as my size extra small Oxygn full face.
  15. I'm flying into Ontario around noon on the 29th and back on the afternoon of the 5th. I realize this isn't helpful to you since those aren't the days you want to fly, but if anyone else is coming in around then and needs a ride let me know.