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  1. how about this guy: he is from London, won't tell me where he jumps or who his rigger is, and wants to pay with a certified check: I am selling a 150 stiletto and when questioned about his experience level he responds with this: "I don't understand what you talking about do you think if i don't think these was the right rig for me i would contact you?i jump 200,The FF's get along with RW's and etc... whatever your discipline my place can accommodate (shy of a swoop pond). ...And yes i know what am getting,"
  2. First, thanks for posting this it takes a lot of courage. And congrats for surviving. Just remember packing is dull, mind numbing, and sucks, mistakes happen. So try to go easy on them. Just a few notes and observations: 1. No Handles check and none mentioned in the report, there might have been a primary secondary but no cutaway and reserve check, perhaps it was edited out though. I think they are required and at the very least it's good practice, since they move and can be under students clothing so it's best to know ahead of time. 2. It looks like your knees are almost griping the student so when she truly knee flys on you your knees move down as well With normal students that don't completely arch I dearch as well (still maintaining positive legs) but with the true knee flyers I arch and keep positive pressure on the legs. But this can be debated to death and everyone will find what works best for them. 3. As you watch her arm go to full extension your knees sitck with hers for a bit then release and it seems in your back legs that there is a panic going on after realizing it didn't work while searching for the instructor handle. Remember to do a complete handles check on every jump 4. When its time to cutaway and go to the reserve there is definite signs of panic as the legs are kicking this way and that. I fly almost all legs with the idea that in the event of a chop I will still have control when my arms come in. and I practice when there is no video only using my legs Congrats and thanks again for posting so we may all learn. -Dave
  3. What equipment were you using, i.e., helmet, camera, lens, etc. nice video but takes awhile to download. -dave
  4. dave81

    Monterey locals

    Thanks everyone. Got what I needed. -Dave
  5. dave81

    Monterey locals

    I will be in the area from Feb 22-27; I am looking for some info and dont want to burn anything. Please PM or email.
  6. dave81

    Motion Sensors

    I have heard of people climbing up the outside of the antenna past the sensor then climbing back in after they have gone past the sensor.
  7. dave81

    Boston area

    I am new to the area, moved out here for school. I was wondering if anyone is in the area to jump with. email or pm me. Dave